Ok, let's talk scale here for a moment as it keeps coming up & I hope @matthewmercer will back me up on this as we've talked about it before.

I've had people point out discrepancies on the scales on the various maps compared to the Tal'Dorei guide book & the Wildemount one - 1/3
However, not only were both maps drawn at different scales & are representational (not exactly to scale) of the continents, Exandria is a round planet being drawn on a flat surface. This causes scale (projectory) issues. When in doubt, use what you feel is a good scale. - 2/3
Also, & this is most important, this is a world being created as the game progresses. Things need to change to fit the story & because Matt doesn't have the entire world perfectly mapped & written. We're imperfect, we forget, or we need to change things so others make sense. 3/3
P.S. People inquiring about scale aren’t being mean, they are just trying to get an idea of the size. But without knowing how much of a curvature of the planet to account for, a projection can’t be made & I get people hate my real world answer but I’m an actual cartographer.
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