For the past ~6 years, Haftar has had a modus vivendi w/ institutions in Eastern #Libya. He directly interfered w/ governance, services, politics & finance.

Only difference now is that - since his coup backfired - he wants to scrap civilian institutions in #Cyrenaica altogether.
For years, we've seen consistent alarm bells about militias infiltrating institutions in Western #Libya.

Ironically, many preferred to eschew making similar criticisms over the #LAAF's predatory behaviour in Eastern #Libya - a development which was consistently underplayed.
The "Sisi-esque" model of governance established in Eastern Libya required - by design - a Sisi-like coup.

The April 4th of '19 attack was almost the natural outcome of the "normalization" of #LAAF's predatory behaviour & the mountain of debt accrued by #Haftar overtime.
Now that #Turkey appears to have fundamentally shifted the balance of power in the conflict in Western #Libya, it comes as no surprise that #Haftar would seek to impose himself as the sole interlocutor in Eastern #Libya - if only to spoil whatever political process could be next.
For the record, any serious observer knew Haftar wanted to establish a military dictatorship since February 2014 - so this development doesn't really come as a surprise. The only ones that deluded themselves into thinking he would share power are Western policymakers & diplomats.
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