“Freedom isn’t free”

The temporary restrictions imposed on us due to the coronavirus pandemic have given us all time to think about what our freedom really means. 1/
We’re very fortunate to live in a society that is generally free from oppressive, authoritative restrictions on our lifestyle, movements, and political and religious views. 2/
We’re also very fortunate that, through the years, countless men and women have been willing to sacrifice some of that freedom to preserve the greater cause of liberty. They don’t retreat. They’ve never let us down. 3/
Now, for the first time for many of us, we are being called to sacrifice some of our own freedom—to save lives and support healthcare workers. It’s definitely been challenging. Americans love their freedom. But as we have heard many times, freedom isn’t free. 4/
If we wish to protect the ongoing American Experiment, we must strengthen our resolve and refuse to give in before the battle is won. 5/5
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