let me just.. tweet about redky a little bit
s1 was heavenly focused on ricky and nini’s relationship w a couple of scenes for the other characters, which is why whenever we see ricky he talks about himself. we’re literally getting to know the main character and having red w him in most scenes+
is what enables us to know what’s going on in ricky’s life, they’re best friends and they care about eachother. if you complain about ricky dismissing red then i can see where it stems from, but there’s no reason to think that that is the constant state in their friendship
we’re here to see how ricky enrolling himself in a musical plays out and to say that ricky doesn’t care about red when he’s going through a lot is just.. so selfish ? when you have a best friend and they’re going through something you try your best and that’s what red does!
they clearly love eachother a lot so.. maybe stop demonizing ricky to make yourself feel better about not liking his character. hate his character, no one cares, but don’t try to make him look like a bad friend when we know he still cares and looks out for red
and you can see that when he takes him to hoco, when he teaches him how to dance, when ricky says “we’ll talk in the car” u clearly see they still communicate and that’s because they’re just like that. now don’t judge them before we even get to see more of that friendship
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