Understand this. 1/2

@TheDemocrats want testing for all, cuz it will diagnose all of the undiagnosed #Covid_19 cases because many people were asymptotic.

When the confirmed cases then skyrocket they’ll claim there’s a new breakout, keep us home longer, further hurting economy.
2/2 Also, a new spike in #Covid_19 cases will make @TheDemocrats feel entitled to say President Trump was wrong and insist on mail in voting.

They don’t want us working, @AOC (their leader) admitted it in her video when she said boycott going back to work. Not going to happen.
Had to add 3/3.

Notice, that while America has done more testing than anyone else combined, it’s being very slowly rolled out...

@realDonaldTrump has the plan. Give the Dems what they want, but not as quickly. Therefore no new spike in cases. Checkmate.
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