Typing while pissed so ignore typos. Many of us fought in 2016 to overcome a group driving a disinformation campagin on this platform. The group did everything within their power to rip the resistance apart by creating a massive blocklist on which they put real Resisters.
They then proceeded to have their followers subscribe by telling them the list was trolls and bots. This blocklist in effect cut them off from actual Resisters. This was done in an effort to isolate and keep followers in a bubble so they would not see propaganda being spread.
Many followed as they thought the group had some kind of inside knowledge. What was actually done was throw a bunch of crap out until something stuck to the wall. Or manipulate dates to make it look like they were prescient.
Now here we are getting close to 2020 election and yet another group formed just this past Aug-Sept has risen exhibiting same behavior and sowing much discord within the ranks. They are saying we Resisters from the 2016 era are not real and that they are the true Resisters.
This is absolute bullshit. They have been attacking good Resisters for days and labeling them as trolls, bots, and even White Supremacists. Words are being twisted to support their agenda as victim and some people are not even bothering to investigate.
If you had you would see words not supported by action. If you too much of a sheep to do some research and see the damage being done please unfollow me the f*ck now as I am weeding you out anyway and reciprocating the blocks she has you doing.
And yes I said block. I do not subscribe to the all resisters must unite kumbaya. If you are exhibiting non resistance behavior you are a bump in the road towards achiveing our goals and I will remove you from my path.
Stay over there with the nonsense as rest of us will be over her as always RESISTING as we have done since 2016 & earlier. The vile threats posted by the group's minions today has gone too far. I have never seen a REAL resister talk to and threaten the way I saw earlier.
Keep blocking us. Trust me we do not care. We will continue as always to protect real Resistance and work towards getting Orange Mussolin out of our White House. We are not here to feed the ego of someone who is here sowing chaos and obviously in need of constant attention.
Be smart or please do me a favor and move on. If you have no idea what I am talking about then that is a good thing. Ignore and carry on resisting 👊

Thanks for attending my Ted talk. End rant 😘
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