Another appalling @RealDonaldTrump presser.

He says he hasn’t seen a recent study that said coronavirus patients taking hydroxychloroquine had higher death rates. Why not? Surely SOMEBODY around him should be bringing it to his attention?
Trump says "we are very close to a vaccine". That's bullshit.

Trump also suggested that people inject disinfectant to kill the virus.

“Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t work,” he said.
“Supposing you brought the light inside the body - either through the skin or some other way.”

Trump also mused about ways to use disinfectants on people, “by injections inside or almost a cleaning.”

Doctors should see “if there is any way to apply light and heat to cure”.
William Bryan, the under secretary for science and technology at the US Department of Homeland Security, is standing right next to Trump while he spouts all this dangerous bullshit.

“We don’t do that within our lab,” is all Bryan said.
"I'm not a doctor but I'm a person who has a good you-know-what" Trump said, gesturing to his brain.

He said that US states with #Covid19 problems "happen to be Democrat” & repeated his lie that the US has done “more tests than all other countries combined”.

What an idiot.
“We’re not just fighting an epidemic, we’re fighting an infodemic,” @WHO Director-General said in February. He said misinformation was spreading “faster and more easily than this virus”. The WHO site “myth busters” page includes this.
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