@FoxNews Live: Trump joins Coronavirus Task Force for White House breifing
@RSBNetwork Watch Live: President Trump & The Coronavirus Task Force News Conference 4/23/20
@Goldstatetimes 🔴 LIVE: President Trump Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing from the White House
The Mic is Hot https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1253426762928668678?s=20
Congress to pass later tonight
The PPP supplement bill

And No Soup got you, Harvard!
46 States still declining

DHS scientists studying Virus
Supplies in States still on the Governors
3k patients helping w_ convalescent Plasma Tx

For SEVERE Dz stage
Supercomputers & AI recruiting research into Virus literature search to help
Placed Reopening

Early summer looks promising, virus hopefully behind us
35k NG deployed

>4500 AD MIL also to States

$75B going to help hospitals

Restart elective surgeries where possible

16 States released reopening plans
Thank you, America

Saving lives
Bill Bryant
SNT of @DHSgov

Virus half life = 18 hrs

Dies more from UV, heat, humidity dependently
Virus survives well in saliva
Bleach kills 5 min
Alcohol in 30 sec

I was right again about the Light

#FakeNews hated it

Virus also lives longer on non-porous surfaces

Emerging results
Received the virus in Feb to begin studies

DHS SNT site has more docs
Another WHAT IF question

Fear Porn!!!
Testing will only be better by then
Fear Porn muh VA!!!
Fauci fed Time Magazine FEAR PORN on Testing Capacity
I disagree

I could test 350M people
And you wouldn't be happy

Recall the Fear Porn on Vents

Recall, Governors CHOSE not to buy vents when they could have
States bankruptcy

Possibly Illinois??
Didn't do well even before the virus

We'll see
And they're ALL BLUE STATES!!!

I always wanna do the right thing for the People
I'm the President
And you're #FakeNews

Heat & Light [internally even]
@BorisJohnson sounds great on phone!!

He respects our Country

And Kim Jong Un report is incorrect😜😁😎

I don't wanna say when we last spoke
You don't write the truth
You're FakeNews
Don't talk to me

Not happy w/ Brian Kemp of GA
[[[I'm pissed off]]]
On declining cases

But muh outbreaks Fear Porn
Election fairness Fear Porn!!

But you gotta a Sleepy Guy in the basement the FakeNews shelters who hides behind the virus

The D Party & Media gives him a pass

I can't tell you

Russia Russia Russ
Impeachment Hoax
Wiitch hunt
Guns ablaze today💥👊

States defrauding Federal funds hint?
Tick Tock on Fauci?
Rick Bright WB complaint?
Light a fire to flush them out?
Addendum: it's Bill Bryan

Under Secretary, Science & Technology (vacant), William (Bill) Bryan, Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Under Secretary for Science & Technology
@DHSgov S&T ( not SNT

The Master Question List for COVID-19 he ref'd: https://twitter.com/dhsscitech/status/1242116404045918213?s=20
That was a brutal 23!!! Presser for CNN & frenz

Will we see more #CorruptNews videos from The Team playing looped until Nov 3rd ?
@kayleighmcenany @parscale @Scavino45 @TimMurtaugh @MarkMeadows @POTUS @WhiteHouse @SecPompeo
Fire & Fury

Is Kim Jong Un actually doing just fine?? https://twitter.com/WhiteHouse/status/1253440435600556032?s=19
Too bad
So sad
CNN dude w/ a wig 😜

So the House passed the measure

eeeeeeeeeeeeew https://twitter.com/rising_serpent/status/1253459534745604096?s=19
How Chinese agents violate @CDCgov Mandates & Kill people....

Nanshee @SpeakerPelosi
The spreader of disease
The $$$ Zillion question of the century, & always Blue States in the red https://twitter.com/chuckwoolery/status/1253462009196302346?s=19
Speaking of "disinfectant"...

Chlorine = 17
Combined w/ 2 Oxygens...
>>>Chlorine Dioxide ClO2
which is not Sodium Hypochlorite NaClO (std bleach)
Chlorine = 17
Chlorine Dioxide
DISINFECTANT, renders water safe enough to drink,
even killing viruses

...according to CDC 😜😜😜
Imagine that!!!
Can we use Chlorine Dioxide w/ a BAL for critically ill #COVDI19 patients??

Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) (also known as bronchoalveolar washing)
Naturally, the goal would be to reverse the Dz course quickly enough to PREVENT intubation

Latest statistic from NY:
88% fatality rate once intubated 😳😳😳

Cuomo is an IDIOT!!
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