So Re-Open Sask. It's an odd document with huge specificity in obscure areas while ignoring others entirely. #skpoli
Here's my list:
- after overruling the City of Regina that closings are a provincial decision, it gives no guidance to cities and towns;

- 1.5 detailed pages on how to re-open a golf course. No mention of re-opening libraries.
- no mention of banks or any financial services. In fact, economic activity is all retail and no guidance to real estate, construction, small manufacturing, mining, etc.
- The same vague 2 metre distancing rule is repeated. At this stage, I expected more guidance honestly. How can kids play together safely? Apparently in social distanced groups of less than 10.
- no guidance on resuming social contact, only economic activity.
- The emphasis on camping, fishing, boating and golfing says a lot about who is running our province.
- No mention of special considerations in the North (esp as there's an outbreak there). There are many.
- No mention of homeless or any plans to keep them safe. Still.
- The opening page says they will monitor schools for safe contact then schools are never mentioned again, either K-12 or post-secondary.
- Really, there's nothing to help kids. If you're a parent, you're on your own. Playgrounds < golf courses.
It looks like anyone who had a suggestion had it included. It reads like the Chambers of Commerce had many suggestions. It doesn't read like they asked teachers, parents, mayors or charities to help.

Maybe it'll be okay. We had loose enough "essential services rules that..
..Michael's craft store, Harley Davidson and cannabis stores stayed open and new cases are still slowing. That's not bad. It just reads like this was written for a narrow swath of Sask residents who don't want to be inconvenienced anymore. 7x
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