They just called me for a Nigerian COVID patient they want to extubate but weren’t sure if he didn’t understand English or was just agitated/delirious. I walked in the room and greeted him in Yoruba. He stopped fidgeting and looked at me, his eyes lit up and he started crying 😭
Man I hope his extubation goes well! I’m going to be six feet away yelling “E lati wuko! E MA WUKO!”
It is SO hard not being able to have family members here with people, especially when there is a communication or language barrier
Y’all we just did his extubation and it was successful! HE’S BREATHING ON HIS OWN WITH A NASAL CANNULA
He did so well! I explained each step to him and told him not to fight, but to use that energy to breathe and cough instead. He did such a good job! He can’t talk for a few hours but they took his restraints off and he gave me two thumbs up before I left 🙌🏾
Me waking up and looking at my phone and the notifications from this tweet 😳
So many very kind and encouraging words and messages. Wow. There’s a lot of good people and good energy on here. Thank you so much 😭❤️
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