Totally forgot I was meant to give @Kaliclownyuga some links to do with this Coronavirus thing in terms of how it maybe connected to some sort of collapse of the economy in order to bring about some desired effect. Going to be a long one I'm afraid.
Firstly, this was a speech given in the UN by Boris Johnson last year in September, the same day that Greta Thunberg gave her infamous "how dare you" speech. BoJo's speech wasn't shared much, but what he says in it is important.
The gist is that he (at least publicly) says he is worried about where technology may lead us, and says that the values of an open society must be brought into whatever it is the UN hopes to achieve in the future with regards to technology. It's worth mentioning however that...
...his Father worked for the Environmental divisions at both the EU and the UN, and his Grandfather was also a UN diplomat. That may be inconsequential - but bare in mind that during the Extinction Rebellion protests last year, Stanley Johnson was pretty much always with them.
What wasn't very well documented was the fact that the day before the Greta and BoJo speech, there was one done by the Bank of England which seems incredibly important now more than ever.
In a nutshell, Mark Carney states that their plan is to bring about a change by cutting financing for fossil fuel industries and giving more support for alternative energy.

Literally days after this UN conference we start to get some real rumblings about a possible financial...
Bare in mind that the whole basis of the meeting back in September was to try and get countries to "accelerate[d] implementation of the 2030 Agenda".
My personal feeling is that, considering the UK government has put a great deal of funding into big tech and renewables on the run up to Brexit in January, that they're eyeing up London as the financial capital to be the operator of a new digital currency that is pegged... Carbon rather than oil, with taxes and wealth redistribution going where the UN decides.

Presumably we will see if this is true come November since the UK is to host the COP26 climate meeting in Glasgow this year. But I felt for a long time that Brexit will be an excuse... push through a TTIP type deal that acts as a bridge between the States and the EU.

Anyway, go back to February of this year when all this Coronavirus bollocks was just starting and something big happened as a few days after a meeting in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia...
...the oil markets were dropped out of their arse when Saudi Arabia: "announced unexpected price discounts of $6 to $8 per barrel to customers in Europe, Asia, and the United States. The announcement triggered a free fall in oil prices".
If you read nothing else, then read this passage. It basically says that the IMF is working along with the G20 partners towards the Agenda 2030 goals right now, so whether this means the COVID is a pretext or a good excuse, who knows...
Here we go, a new digital currency. Helps stop spread COVID-19 you see. Also it's handy for a world that wants to know the ins and outs of your arsehole and tax you based on your lifestyle choices.
But don't worry though, they're sorting that out already. There's a "gobsmacking" plan to make us relinquish our personal modes of transport and force us to use public transport and bikes.
I mean this just goes on and on over the last few weeks. I won't spam anymore links, but basically:

Cruises - GONE
Cheap Flights - GONE
Your wealth - Redistributed.

The plus side is air quality is up, but at what cost?

Anyway that's basically it at the moment.
And I'm fairly confident the reason why these 5G claims have been clamped down on so hard is because all of this Agenda 2030 stuff will rely on AI and real time data to "change people's behaviour".

Hope I'm wrong about some of this mind you.
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