I’ve noticed something that I feel is a great misunderstanding of Q. I love the idea of the #GreatAwakeningWorldwide. I tweet it all the time. But I think people in other countries think that #potus is going to save them. Even some Americans think #potus is a savior. He’s not.
That’s not how #potus works. Even in this #coronavirus mess, he’s not saving us from our own state elected officials. He’s not a dictator, & he doesn’t care to be one.

From his inaugural address forward, he said that the power was returning to the people. That’s his vision.
He’s not going to do it for us. And that means that he’s not going to do it for other countries.

He’s using America as an example, and other countries need to find their freedom leader. They need to fight against their deep state, and kick out their socialist or communist
leaders. I do think that changes in the Federal Reserve, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley will positively affect the world. Arresting traffickers and drug cartels will help other countries a lot. But #potus will also be bringing back American independence. Other countries will be
forced to defend themselves and create new trade deals. They will have to get back their freedom of speech and get their guns back. Other countries sold out long ago. They didn’t fight off socialism.

The worldwide notion of Q is amazing. I love the unity. I want world peace.
But we are fighting one world govt. Trump is about nationalism. Anons from other countries need to be digging out their dirt, not ours.

America will be fixed. But if others want the same freedom, they need to fight their own propaganda fake news and remove their globalists.
I follow the research of American Intelligence Media. Every problem in America leads to corruption in another country. The corrupt globalist minded people know that their plan depends on destroying America. Our criminals are mostly bought out puppets. They are not the cause.
To fix any problem permanently, you have to eliminate the cause. If the cause is in China, 5 👀 countries, Europe, Saudi Arabia, “Vatican”, or Israel, its much easier if the people in those countries are working with America. Instead they either hate America or hope America will
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