THREAD: Why Andrew Scheer lost and the Conservatives are a political zombie. This is my argument for why many patriots are being duped into putting all their energy into the Conservative Party. No matter the leader, the party is dead AS a conservative party. (NOT pro-PPC).
Riding results showed all parties in Canada had their supporters "double down." Essentially, many unchanged seats whose party won in 2015 won by MORE votes in 2019 despite slightly lower turnout overall. Ex: In the west, even more Conservatives turned out to vote Conservative.
Taking a closer look, we see why Canada is in real danger of breaking up - no substantive change in voter preference. Each party now has its fiefdom to run/protect. Canadian unity has always been an ephemeral dream, but not since Confederation has it been this close to collapse.
With that background, we turn to why Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives failed to score on an empty net. Quite simply, Maxime Bernier was right. They are no longer true conservatives. Scheer himself is proof in both who he is AND what he refused to be/do.
Many will instinctively balk at my blunt generalization, but truth is what it is. Scheer was Catholic. Pro-life. Refused to walk rainbow parade. Thus, his PRIVATE values became his 2019 electoral cooties - Christian 'misogyny' and 'homophobia.' Period.
So, does that mean the Conservative Party needs a platform/leader that is "with it?" Stripping the trad def of marriage between man/woman from the party's constitution proves many "conservatives" think so, especially the vocal female MPs of the party.
Michelle Rempel really stood out immediately after the election loss in this interview when asked about Peter McKay saying Scheer's "social conservative" views were a "stinking albatross" around the Conservative's neck. (Watch in full, cued to go.)
What is a "social conservative?" Nothing more/less than a secular mask to replace/hide being a CHRISTIAN conservative with Christian MORAL VALUES. Reflect on that and thus the reality of how far not just freedom of speech, but also freedom of religion, is in jeopardy in Canada.
To make my point crystal clear from another angle and generalization, why did Doug Ford's Conservatives WIN in Ontario? His first act was to REMOVE rainbow sex/gender education in the single digit elementary schools. Prove me wrong.
More proof? Look to Jean Chretien's win in 1993 over Kim Campbell. One could argue Conservatives were hamstrung with an idiot leader (fact, first female) and Mulroney legacy, but what was Jean's first act? Cancellation of the EH-101 helicopter contract.
It's these kinds of single issue hot topics that always tip the scales in an election. The EH-101 was not a government contract. It was the embodiment of corporate/capitalist pork barrel Mulroney/Conservative politics. True or false, that's what Canadians voted out in '93.
Just google this search phrase and read all the articles AGAINST normie, heterosexual parents for daring to protest and demand their children be protected from the rainbow - Muslims in Ontario say Wynne sex ed goes too far "too much, too soon"
Why is this relevant to Scheer and the zombification of the Conservative party? If the next Conservative leader is simply going to be a pro feminist/LGBT/immigration right-of-politics BLUE VERSION OF THE LEFT, how will they be ANY different from Trudeau et all?
Again, Maxime was right. Again, not pro-PPC, just fact. The ONLY way Conservatives can battle the left ON THEIR TURF ( GTA/Montreal) is to out-left them. They will have to morph into "true" feminists, "true" LGBT advocates, "true" protectors of foreign immigration to Canada.
Since they can't without LOSING ENTIRELY their main voter base in the west and rural Ontario (and Quebec), the conservative party is now a ZOMBIE. They aren't allowed to be conservative anymore and it's impossible for them to be truly lefty progressives either.
But that is only the surface explanation. The ROOT of Scheer/Conservative loss is failure to grasp cultural reality of Canada TODAY, not last century. Trying to appeal to a current of "diverse" mainstream culture/values, ASSUMING this IS what is ACTUALLY mainstream, is fatal.
What if all that diverse/progressive lefty/Marxist gobbly gook has not only reached the end of its shelf life, it is now ACTIVELY HATED by a LARGE and GROWING portion of the MAJORITY of the Canadian electorate? All politics is DOWNSTREAM from culture, and culture is a changin!
Proof? Maxime and PPC. Again, NOT pro-PPC, just fact. Trump and Q movement. Social conservative cootie albratross Scheer did very well in TRADITIONAL conservative ridings, especially rural, with a smattering of urban seats. Well enough to reduce Trudeau to MINORITY status.
Conservatives wanted Scheer's head for "not winning" the GTA. Period. Despite all the ATTACKS for being a Christian moral values misogynist/homophobic/racist "nazi" American traitor, he DID win MORE seats. Trudeau IS a minority PM, thank God. Am I the only one to see this?
Scheer's campaign, as catastrophic as it was, WAS a signal of polar change in Canadian moral values BACK to traditional Christian roots. Anyone who voted for Scheer did so to get rid of Trudeau, but also CLEARLY had no problem with his "stinking albatross" CHRISTIAN MORAL VALUES.
So Scheer's real failure may have been in not BEING the social or conservative he claimed to be. What if he HAD come out as pro-life? Political suicide? Do you really think he would have LOST seats by not being true to his values? Maybe that is WHY he did not win! The disconnect.
Traditional Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, even Buddhists, ALL reject gobbly gook gender/feminism, even if they vote Liberal for the perks. But if they had a REAL conservative MORAL leader that also protected their rights under the Charter? Hmmm? Hmmm? Would they still vote NDP/Lib?
In conclusion, look at the leadership candidates for the Conservative Party. Harper loyalists (i.e. globalists) and the "embrace diverse Canada" progressive NON-conservatives. From top to the bottom, there is no conservative in the Conservative Party Of Canada anymore. It's dead.
With the ethnic/gender breakdown in demographics in Canada TODAY, if politics/parties stay RIGID in protection of their turf, we now have a DEFACTO Liberal/left DICTATORSHIP in our 100% pure 50+1 democracy. Nothing will change. Sadly, that is also what the 2019 map is proof of.
Unless we decide to do politics differently than we have ever done them before in Canada, our country will disintegrate. My next thread will be on the PPC, but Max fans don't hold your breath. I see no real way forward with him or his party as it is right now. END THREAD
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