. @antonioguterres proposes 6 criteria to shape a global recovery. The first 2 calls for a focus on new green jobs as the way forward! It seems like green jobs are the biggest selling point at the moment. Thread on research needs on green jobs (1/4) https://twitter.com/antonioguterres/status/1252703655695810561
Some imp questions to consider going forward. What kinds of jobs are green jobs? How well do these green jobs pay? Some fossil fuel jobs pay well. India's coal company . @CoalIndiaHQ pays well & provides great benefits. Will new green jobs provide a decent living to workers? (3/4)
Are these jobs going to unionized? Will they be temporary or permanent jobs? Do employers in green industries provide health benefits and pensions?

I love the idea of focusing on green jobs as a way for a just recovery, but for me, these are so many unanswered questions
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