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OK, here goes.

President @CyrilRamaphosa is addressing the nation on measures SA continues to take to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

For those that miss operative words, focus on "continues".
The president looks very sombre.

We have been forced into an unprecedented crisis, he reminds us.
Most infected people exhibit mild symptoms, some show none, many don't even know they have it.

There are those for whom coronavirus is very dangerous. For some of these people, the coronavirus is fatal.

So far, in SA, at least 75 people have lost their lives.
The virus can overwhelm even the best-resourced health systems.

If the virus spreads too quickly there are not enough hospital beds, ventilators, PPEs to help.

It is precisely for this reason that SA has gone to great lengths to prevent a sharp increase.
Reiterating basic facts, because they explain measures to date and those that will still follow.

Objective remains to delay the spread of the virus.
Avoid a massive surge in infections and an uncontrollable number of those needing medical care.
Delaying the spread of the virus has bought SA time to prepare for a better public health response that will hopefully save tens of thousands of lives.

The lockdown is working - from closing borders to the actions of each and everyone in the country (*side eyes violators*)
A nationwide lockdown is important, however it cannot be sustained indefinitely.

People need to eat, they need to earn a living.

Beyond Thursday 30 April, SA to begin a gradual & phased return to economic activity.

A risk-adjusted strategy.
There is still much that is unknown about the spread of the virus.

Measures must be gradual and incremental.

Scientists advise an abrupt and uncontrolled lifting of restrictions could cause a resurgence of infections.
We must balance the need to resume economic activity wit the imperative to counter the spread of the coronavirus and its devastation.
5 Coronavirus Levels:
- 5: Full lockdown
- 4: Some activity can resume
- 3: Easing of some activities including work & social activities
- 2: Further easing of restrictions with continued social distancing measures
- 1: Most normal activity can resume (with precautions)
These levels will apply at national, provincial and local levels differently as necessary.

The National Command Council is responsible for determining the levels.
From 1 May: SA on Level 4.
Some businesses will be allowed to resume operations under specific regulations and health & safety protocols.
Only businesses PERMITTED to do so can and will be required to do so in a phased manner - i.e. one at a time, staff to return in batches.
[Ministers will brief on the classification of industries and operations.

Industries will be given an opportunity to give their views before the new regulations are adopted post-30 April.]
- All staff who can work remotely must be allowed to do so.

- The phased reopening of schools and other educational institutions will be announced in due course.
Level 4 from 1 May:
- Borders will remain closed, except for the repatriation of foreign nationals & return of SA citizens
- No transport between provinces, except for goods & as permitted
- Public transport will resume with all passengers required to wear masks.
- People must still stay at home
- No gatherings, except funerals
- Exercise will be permitted under strict requirements (these will be clarified)
- Sale of goods will be extended to incorporate additional categories, including cigarettes
- Bars & shebeens will remain closed
President cites one funeral in Port St Johns and one religious gathering in Mangaung (THAT gathering) as resulting in multiple infections.

It is essential to restrict the movement of people & public gatherings.

Reduce contact that we have with each other.
If we adhere to instructions and public health guidelines, we will not need to move back to Level 5.
- Wash your hands frequently with soap & water
- Use alcohol-based sanitisers
- Keep at least 1m distance between yourself & others
- Avoid touching your eyes & mouth
- Cover your mouth & nose when you sneeze or cough (another meme loading)
- Wear masks whenever you leave home
We pay tribute to:
- Nurses
- Doctors
- Scientists
- Screening field workers

Our public health response is being ramped up.

Guided by advice from @WHO @AfricaCDC, mass screening and testing will be at the centre of the next phase of SA's health response.
Important to also pay tribute to
- Truck, taxi, bus drivers
- Those working at water plants
- Petrol station staff
- Store workers
- Those in the banks
- Law enforcement
- Security personnel
- SANDF personnel
The full deployment of the SANDF is necessary.

They will now provide support beyond just supporting the police.

They will support distribution & supply of water, infrastructure and supplement the public health system.
We must not give up.
We must continue to stay strong.
Continue to stay at home.
Stay safe.

[And wear a mask like the CIC… 🤭]

In short, lockdown will continue after 30 April, however from 1 May we go to risk-adjusted levels (Level 4 to start off).

When 'lockdown' will end depends on us, really.
Do right & it won't last long, we'll go down to Level 3, then 2, then 1… *insert Sarafina outro*
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