Recently, PM @JustinTrudeau announced changes to the #CERB. While it is encouraging to see the government consult and make policy changes to include more workers, in our estimation, this half-step won't be enough to fill essential services shifts across Canada. 1/6 #cdnpoli
Canadians can now make $1000/month and still qualify for the $2000 #CERB. However, $1000 at $15/hour is only about 8 days (shifts) per month. 2/6 #cdnpoli
So while this will help essential services like health care facilities, grocery stores, and delivery companies find some workers, it will continue to be a struggle to meet the high and growing demand for these workers. 3/6 #cdnpoli
What's the solution? To incentivize Canadians to fill these shifts, help their communities, and keep our economy moving, I believe all essential workers should be provided #CERB as well. 4/6 #cdnpoli
Canadians can think of it as a hero benefit for the people who are risking #COVID19 to help deliver our food and medication, transport essential workers, keeping grocery stores stocked, and more. 5/6 #cdnpoli
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