When somebody says “I’m not down with the shitty stuff he says but occasionally he says non-shitty stuff” that’s not license for everybody to ignore the first part of the statement & pretend she’s down with the shitty stuff. It really pains me that this obvious thing must be said https://twitter.com/themattdimitri/status/1253159817071357952
If an otherwise bad person says "we should end the wars". Are the rules now that we're not allowed to say "I agree", because it's tacit agreement with ever other terrible position that person has? This shit is so tedious and some people are looking for stuff to be outraged by.
Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul used to work together all the time. Why? Because they agreed on certain issues like war and criminal justice reform. Does this mean if Bernie said a kind word about him that he supports the old racist Ron Paul newsletters? Fucking preposterous.
Bernie and Mike Lee worked together to stop the fucking genocide in Yemen. should we all look through Mike Lee's history and find the 5,893 terrible things he's said and believes and cancel Bernie over it?
You 100% should criticize Tucker Carlson for his xenophobia and bigotry. It's flat dishonest to pretend like Krystal is excusing it when she literally agrees with the criticism! If your standard is you can't say anything outside of condemnation even on other issues you're a child
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