I don't grade anymore. Haven't for a few years now. We develop an ongoing feedback loop, and students grade themselves. It's wonderful to watch them direct their own learning. They take ownership and pride in their work. 1/
In the last few weeks, I’ve reassured them that we’ll still use this process. And, that regardless of how they grade themselves, they’ll receive an A for the semester. Even though they’ll be grading themselves, they were SO relieved. 2/
Students clearly understand that self-evaluation isn’t just about an easy A. They intended to evaluate their work on its merits. I respect them so much for this. They have integrity. 3/
Grades are antithetical to learning. They are not compatible. I’ll never again doubt whether students will bring their best if they’re not being graded. Students want to learn. We should get out of their way. 4/4
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