I appreciate, love, and support all the accounts that have followed this account the past few days.

But I also want to stress something very important to everyone.
Twitter/Social Media is a good way to stay connected and expediently receive unfiltered and raw information what is going on in our world right now.

This is a spiritual war of biblical proportions.

But guess what...
The real war isn’t truly being fought on social media platforms. This platform is nothing more than a tool to quickly spread information.

The outcome of what is going to happen has zero correlation with how many Qanons wake up and start posting on twitter/fb/etc
That doesn’t mean you don’t serve a purpose in this war. Infact, your job is the most important job of all. Your job is to help spread this info in real life to friends, family, etc.

When this is all over with, is your claim to contribution going to be follower counts and RTs?
If you are able to reach just one person in real life, help them see the truth, and spread the love and word of the Lord Almighty, then you did infinitely more than 95% of others.
Twitter is fun, don’t get me wrong, but there is way too much focus and emphasis on this toxic platform. Everyone wants a group of others to lean on and discuss what’s going on, because most of us in reality can’t talk about these things in real life.

Why not though?
Do not get your information from a few select accounts and then consider it to be the spoken gospel of Habbening truth because they have large follower counts. Most of them are not doing anything different than the rest of you.

But some of you have asked how to gain followers. It’s easy. This movement is full of wondeful and positive people. Comment on someone’s post, say something nice or positive, and ask if they will follow you back. 99% of them will, because they are just like you.
When you all begin to realize that your combined voices that seek the truth, are so much greater and louder than a few select accounts, the better.
I’d rather follow Grandma Smith from Rustwater, Kansas, that rarely ever posts, but when she does it’s something positive, than an account with 100K follows, posts screenshots of Qdrops, and then reminds everyone to pls donate money to them. Lol no thx. Anyone can do that.
Here’s another plot twist for you:

NO ONE YOU FOLLOW is truly in “the know” when it comes to Q. This includes me.

There are also accounts, some maybe your favs, which purposely lead their people in the wrong direction with disinfo. This is called controlled opposition.
Some are just really bad at this, but pretend they are amazing. They aren’t shills, but just haphazard goofballs.

I love to troll with the best of them, but i realized this last night when some guy literally thought I was [AS] when I made a joking tweet, and freaked out.
It was funny at first, but then I realized it is a desperate time, and people are desperately looking for hope and confirmation. I want to apologize to him, but seriously folks, do not consider this platform to be real life.
This is literally the internet. None of the outcome of what’s coming depends on what happens here. You may as well believe we can stop an actual avalanche with the posts of rando twitter accounts.
For those of you worried about directly placed shills like steinbart to discredit this movement, why? Same concept. If you are rustled by that goofball, now unsure who to believe, then you lost the game, and he won his.

Who keeps giving him the platforms to debate?

I’ve said it several times. Read

Don’t just read it. Digest it. Understand it. Live it.

It will change your life almost as much as the Bible.
All warfare is based on Deception.

The most important trait you can possess is patience.

This is a spiritual war folks. Who do you think the other side’s General is?

The Master of Deception.
But he’s going to lose.

And the faster you all come together, on here, and in your real lives, the quicker this war will come to an end.

You have zero control on the real dynamic warfare being waged.

But you are the master and commander of the war on your minds & homes.
I want you to know that all of you are infinitely powerful beings of love and light, created with a purpose by the Lord Almighty.

I can assure you that purpose isn’t on twitter, and he cares less what you will be able to achieve on here.

I don’t want you to RT, like, or even comment on this thread. I want you all to find someone you don’t follow and send them a meaningful and heartfelt message.

Just because we are on the internet, doesn’t mean we aren’t human.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and God Bless!
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