I have a hard-to-justify number of band t-shirts. Decided I will wear one a day until I’ve exhausted the supply. Randomly selected @the_jayhawks for day 1 of band shirts (day 46 in captivity)
Band shirts day 2 (quarantine day 47): today I’m repping @BadBadHats
Band shirts day 3 (quarantine day 48): wearing my @lucydacus I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore lyrics shirt. In my top 2 artists on Spotify for 4 years running (with @TheNational). Was looking forward to seeing them both in July, but that seems unlikely to happen now 😢
Band shirt day 4 (quarantine day 49): I’m staying in the @xboygeniusx family & wearing @julienrbaker today

If you want to be wrecked, here’s a video I took at @EauxClairesWI of Julien playing Claws In Your Back while @NifMuhammad recited poetry

Band shirt day 5 (q’tine day 50): wearing @mglaspy in honor of the show I would have been going to see tonight.
Band shirt day 6/quarantine day 51: celebrating *finally* seeing @TheNational 2 years ago today at @Ntlhomecoming. 2nd photo is one @smcgee took of me in a moment of pure joy at the show. And I got to share it all with the great bunch of people in the 3rd photo
Band shirt day 7/quarantine day 52: today I’m sporting a @Wilco shirt and channeling Jeff Tweedy with totally unkempt hair.
Band shirt day 8/quarantine day 53: today I’m repping @dessadarling. While technically this is an author shirt (go read My Own Devices), we are in the middle of a global pandemic and this in *my* contrived twitter thread, so I’ll make up the rules. It counts as a band shirt
Band shirt day 9/quarantine day 54: a rainy day calls for some guitar driven English pop rock, so today I’m repping @thebottlemen. Excuse me while I put The Ride on repeat this morning.
Band shirt day 10/quarantine day 55: @foofighters
Band shirt day 11/quarantine day 56: Today I’m wearing my @phoebe_bridgers shirt. If I had been better organized about this, I should have worn it right after I posted my @lucydacus and @julienrbaker shirts to complete the @xboygeniusx triptych
Band shirt day 12/quarantine day 57: ok, to finish the @xboygeniusx series I had to do a tricky bank shot in the mirror to get the front & back of the shirt. Bonus content: individual shirts for @lucydacus @julienrbaker and @phoebe_bridgers
Band shirt day 13/quarantine day 58: today’s shirt is from @TheFratellis. Chelsea Dagger is all-time bop
Band shirt day 14/quarantine day 59: today’s shirt is from Camp Cope. The song of theirs that first captured me was Anna
Band shirt day 15/quarantine day 60: Minnesota’s own power pop trio @SemisonicBand. This is the shirt that went with the 20th anniversary release of Feeling Strangely Fine

For your listening pleasure, here’s Secret Smile
Band shirt day 16/quarantine day 61: today’s shirt is @BeaccchHoussse. Has me thinking of that @parlourbars burger I had with @solace before the show.

For your listening pleasure: Dark Spring https://open.spotify.com/track/6PGrkeJpDpgiFLvgKYD489?si=U67CU05zQCO0JW4TYFoxXg
Band shirt day 17/quarantine day 62: repping @carseatheadrest - brings back memories of @lizzie_b getting blocked by said band for her opinion on the name
Band shirt day 16/quarantine day 63: going in the way-back machine with this one @remhq

Nightswimming is a perfect song
Band shirt day 17/quarantine day 64: today I went with @tbtduluth

It’s great to know that I’ll always find @Peril_in_Pink @BrieBarfknecht and @LauraJean124 at a TBT or DMW show.
Band shirt day 18/quarantine day 65: today I’m wearing David Byrne. His last tour had one of the most mesmerizing shows I’ve ever seen. If you ever have the chance to see him, DO IT!
Band shirt day 19/quarantine day 66: today’s shirt comes courtesy of @TheDecemberists
If you’ve followed this closely (you haven’t) you’ll notice that this my second ghost-themed shirt. It won’t be the last!

Here’s a song about Benjamin Fucking Franklin https://open.spotify.com/album/7iyrvMoz8YsOcnScT7RXsn?si=qb-iiGEASre1fhRPY1bEqg
Band shirt day 20/quarantine day 67: wearing a shirt from @TheShins

One show, just as New Slang started, a woman next to me began weeping. I asked if she was ok. She said no. I asked if she needed help. She answered no, just a hug. And so I hugged a stranger for 3 minutes
Band shirt day 21/quarantine day 68: going with @spoontheband today

Brush with fame: I literally bumped into Britt Daniel at one of the shows @therevolution played at @FirstAvenue after Prince died

Your song of the day: Rent I Pay
Band shirt day 22/self-isolation day 69: because you can just hear the band laughing at day 69, I’m wearing @TheReplacements

I miss going to the CC Club, so take a great big whiskey to me anyway while listening to Here Comes A Regular
Band shirt day 23/self-isolation day 70: going with another classic, wearing @PearlJam

Love Boat Captain - “It's an art to live with pain, mix the light into grey”
Evidently I doubled counted band shirt days 16 & 17 (but got the days in isolation right), so I’m up to 25 band shirts and use the correct count for tomorrow.
Band shirt day 26/self-isolation day 71: the outrageously fun @sweetspiritband

I’ve also been lucky enough to see lead singer Sabrina Ellis join @HarMarSuperstar to form @HeartBones2

Today’s song of the day is an ode to Pamela Anderson
Band shirt day 27/self-isolation day 72: we are in the home stretch folks. Last few will be from bands who’ve already made an appearance on this list. Here is my 2nd shirt from @TheNational

Your song of the day is Bloodbuzz Ohio
Band shirt day 28/self-isolation day 73: I ❤️ this @TheReplacements shirt design. Clearly inspired by Left of the Dial, the band name to the left of the radio dial & their @RiotFest dates like FM frequencies to the right. Brilliant!

Obvious song choice:
Band shirt day 29/self-isolation day 74: my favorite @Wilco shirt. I love the Pac-Man inspired look. It’s also my 3rd ghost-related band shirt.

Song of the day - A Shot in the Arm - has a great opening line “The ashtray says / You were up all night”

Band shirt day 30/self-isolation day 75: My first shirt from @TheReplacements (and 3rd in this thread). When I lived outside of MN, this shirt lead to talks about what a skyway really was.

Song of the day: Skyway https://open.spotify.com/track/34HOJj4tVgrCXOEp6oZtQJ?si=l_KnfqCeSMOF2Y96RxM2rw
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