Last semester I was enrolled in an online professional development class, that I had to drop midway through due to a personal crisis. I just re-enrolled and sent an email to the prof teaching the course about how I look forward to completing it this time. THREAD #AcademicTwitter
The prof replied to me saying that they "hope this time is my time :-)" as the first line of the email. I thought, wow, that's thoughtful...
She proceeded to tell me that if I don't pass the class this time, I will be enrolled in a remedial class. She ended the email with "so you'd better plan on setting aside plenty of time."

Passive aggressive, much? I know I'm a sensitive person, but WTF is that response...
The way I read this, she was implying that I didn't set aside enough time last time. PLEASE. I was in a deep depression and seeking mental health care (see my thread on how terrible Kaiser was at getting me help).
Reminder to everyone out there teaching: be compassionate. #AcademicTwitter #COVID19
So now I'm sitting here considering whether I want to stay enrolled in the class with her as the instructor. #AcademicTwitter #COVID19
I'm debating whether to reply to her at all at this point, or just do the minimum to get by and pass the class. #AcademicTwitter #COVID19
Maybe it's the sleep deprivation from last night's power outage, but can I just call this day a wash? I'm already over it. I'll try to be more positive tomorrow. #AcademicTwitter #COVID19
I think I need a bit of perspective. Do you interpret her response as insensitive?
Here’s the email. I redacted my name and the title of the remedial course.
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