We would like to take this time to remind folks that efforts related to #ClimateAction do not begin and end on #Earthday (April 22)

As such, we would like to end our celebration by sharing 6 #indigenousactivists who are keeping the conversation going!
1st up is @larissa_speaks! There is no shortage of accomplishments and praise that can be given to Larissa.

As a Métis-Jamaican activist, scholar, trainer and speaker, Larissa is actively working towards a more sustainable and equitable world for us all...
2nd is @NikkiFraser1! She is an Indigenous advocate and proud mom from the #Secwépemc Nation located in British Columbia. She was selected as part of the Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals program with the @UNYouthEnvoy in 2016! Visit http://www.nikkifraser.ca 
3rd is @MaxFineDay! Max is a citizen of #Sweetgrass First Nation and is currently the Co-Executive Director of @CdnRoots. This youth-led charity provides Indigenous +non-Indigenous youth with the opportunity to engage in reconciliation dialogues, leadership development, and more!
4th is none other than @chiefladybird - she is a muralist, artist, and illustrator from the Rama First Nation! To view and support her work, be sure to connect with her on Instagram at: https://instagram.com/chiefladybird?igshid=12m6eonucrnby
5th we have Bee Miller, who is a part of the Huron-Wendat peoples and is the founder of @nativebossbabe ! This is the perfect resource made for and by indigenous women!
6th. Last, but certainly not least is Kendra Rosychuk. Kendra is an outstanding Cree #jingledress dancer, performer and activist working in various spaces! We are all very thankful you for your gracefulness and talent! @kendrajessie
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