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Thoughts on Christian witches? (Christo-eclectic, Christo-Pagan, etc)

I have a brief description in the thread below to describe the beliefs of Christian witches for those of you who are unaware of these ladies’ practice.
Their belief: Witchcraft is different from witchcraft
with a little "w".) Witchcraft, is a practice. They believe one can be a witch and simultaneously be devout to ANY religion.
(Thread continued...)
They believe a witch
* has a connection to nature.
* Respecting all life and taking care of the earth and helping people.
* Someone who has an intensely personal relationship with the divine
* they NEVER use dark magic, only use witchcraft to heal and provide peace
To them, being a Christian means:
* One God in three persons: Father, son and Holy Spirit.
* Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
* Salvation by Grace and Faith in Christ.
* A personal relationship with God.
* The bible as an inspired source for spiritual wisdom.
So, after reading through this thread ~ what are YOUR thoughts?
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