48% of people less likely to use #publictransport #postlockdown and more than half of consumers think owning a vehicle will be more important after lockdown.
Wave & RT if you can think of an alternative to cars & #airpollution on our roads. 👋🏽 #CargoBikes
If you’re living happily in a city without a car, why buy one now? A #cargobike is perfect for the #schoolrun and you can safely transport your kids to parks, playgrounds and open spaces that cars cannot reach. 😊 @LSx_News @SustransLondon @LDN_LS @_The_Gardener_ @ecargobikes
With fears around maintaining #socialdistancing on the Tube, trains and buses (which will only be able to deal with 15% of what they used to), many will choose to drive and cause gridlock.🚗🚙💨💨
How will the Mayor & TfL help families with young children to travel by #cargobike?
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