I don't how to say this. Just come, just have a 'friendship' with your favourite artist and you will know how domestic fans can feel when they see assumptions/false stuff about their favourite artists.
Also spreading assumptions like that doesn't do great for their image. Especially if it comes from popular/big accounts. People will assume things because they read it many many times despite having no proof.
I never said that domestic fans were superior or anything like that but it's true that they will always have something that international fans don't have, for the most part: being known and acknowledged by your favourite artist. And it's not a choice. As you know, idols/artists
are humans. You don't decide if you're gonna be besties with your fav or not. Different personalities, different vibes, they will be always thankful for your support but sometimes, you just don't get along with them & that's life. A relationship is 2 people, not a one way thing.
Even if you don't have that relationship with your fav, it doesn't mean you should stop support them by the way. If you're really a fan of them, being acknowledged or not shouldn't matter because anyway, they make you feel things; most of the time, happiness ❤️
So yes, domestic fans know their fav, from what they show consciously or not, their behaviour with others, staff or fans and how they behave with you. They might know maybe 5 or 10% of their fav whole being but it's still more than international fans and their fantasies.
Let's take an example: Inho from IN2IT. If you don't know him and you come to a fansign and he's cold to you. You will think "ah he's an ungrateful bast*rd" "he hates me". But if you know Inho, you know that he has his days. Most of the time he is very cheerful, warm, sassy but
it happened in the past that sometimes he wasn't feeling really good so some friends were like "oh god he hates me" but nope. Inho is an incredible artist and human being but just like everyone, he has his bad days and can't fake being happy 24/7. This whole fansign situation
is an example. I could go to only 1 IN2IT fansign so I took what happened in Mesa sometimes and put it into an example that people can actually imagine.
So now, can you understand that it can be annoying and even sometimes painful to see all the assumptions, false info or rumors
about someone you know ? And this is not even a question of being a domestic fan or not, it's just being a fan of someone and see that people are making false stuff about someone you love and support.
So hell yeah, we know them and this is why most of the time, we're freaking
happy to share everything with you guys : what happened during fansigns, live shows, fan manager events. Because we want to share the love, share our experiences and maybe attract new fans too !
Please remember that during promotions, and maybe even outside promotions, artists
and fans see each other more than they see their families, especially when you're not from Seoul.
As I said earlier, it's not a choice to have a close relationship with your fav, it depends on you and them. I never asked for this but I'm lucky I have it and I know it's because
they genuinely like me like I like them, that I've got their support. As a fan, you must understand that nobody asks you to do the things you do: going 80 times to the same concert, buying gifts, doing all the music shows. It's on you. And if you're lucky enough, they'll thank u.
If they like you or not is another story and it's not a question of being a domestic fan or not. You can have a special 'something' with your favourite artist and be an international fan. Let's think about Becca one sec, who gave me her authorisation to talk about her :
Becca is a TEAM ONE, a 1team fan and her bias is Junghoon. She lives in the US, never went to Korea but she writes from time to time letters to Junghoon on the fancafe. During 1team first US tour, she had the TEAM ONE PACKAGE and when Junghoon read her name, he automatically
remembered her as the Becca from the fancafe. She didn't force it, she was just being a fan, she never asked for it. This cute moment just happened. And I'm pretty sure it will stay with her for a while ❤️
This shows that, yeah domestic fans have a close relationship with their
fav and saying it's not true will just show how blind and jealous you are but being an international fan doesn't mean you can't have a little special thing you too. I've got a friend who's going to one of her favourite artists concert everytime they're coming to her city and
she is very active on the internet for that group. So yeah, despite being not a domestic fan, we can say she has a friendship with her fav because he knows her from all the time he saw her online and offline.
At the end of the day, just be thankful to people who share info you couldn't get if they weren't there. Accept the fact that they can correct you about wrong things you said.
You can't thank them for informing you, sharing content here and then pretend they know nothing about their favs because it doesn't go your way.
It's also very tiring, people using me to get info about my favourite artist and then stabbing me in the back with rumors.
I wish to every respectful fan to have the relationship I have with my favourite artists. It's a pure joy to know that your favourite artists know you support and love them. And it's even better when you can say "yup, they love me".
And I really wanna emphasize on "respectful fan" because when you read some sexual tweets about your fav, that you know and they know you, or weird stuff, it doesn't feel good at all. You just don't want them to come on twitter. For me, it's basically like random people were
saying this to someone of my family. And tbh, I don't even think the friendship part is needed in that case. When you love and support someone, the right way, you will feel the same.
I wanted to talk about that for a long time because I read some nasty stuff here but I know the B
would be like "let it go, live your life, you know the truth". But the reactions to Nessa's tweets... Anyway, thank you for reading me. If you wanna disagree with me, feel free but a reminder : every type of shaming will just show you don't have arguments.
I'm here to help people, like I'm doing it since 2017. Shit happened because of some useless jealousy but I will still help because it's what I am. I'm here to share the love, if you wanna talk shit about me, have fun in your GC like you always do.
Karma is coming for you :)
By saying that some people's assumptions were false, we didn't want to create a barrier between domestic and international fans. We just want our favourite artists, the same you have, to be known for who they truly are and nothing else but also share the love, once again.
If you took it the wrong way I'm sorry but that's not my problem. I can't control your brain or your way of thinking. As I said, we only here to spread the love. And unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that if we were Asian, some people wouldn't react the way they did.
Wouldn't have reacted* yolo English
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