Removing Trump from the office cannot be our only focus.

We have to #RemoveTrump AND #FlipTheSenate Together we can do both!

#VoteBlue2020 #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare #OneVoice1 #SigmaResists
Martha McSally’s has fully embraced Trumpism and attacked our mainstream media.

#FlipTheSenate Vote @CaptMarkKelly for Senate because Washington is broken and Arizonans deserve independent leadership focused on solving the problems we face. 
David Perdue is a solid conservative and avid Trump supporter of Trump's corruption.

#FlipTheSenate Vote @ossoff he believes we are all called to stand up to the abuse of power. And when we stand up together, we will win. 
Joni Ernst promised the people of Iowa that she would act independently she instead repeatedly supports Trump and parrots his lies to the American people.

#FlipTheSenate Vote @GreenfieldIowa she's ready to fight for working people first. 
Mitch McConnell is blocking 400 bipartisan bills, refusing to even do his job while supporting Trump and failing Kentucky.

#FlipTheSenate Vote @AmyMcGrathKY she knows what it means to fight and will stand up for Kentucky and all Americans. 
Lindsey Graham used to be one of Trump’s biggest critics but somehow ended up being one of his strongest supporters.

#FlipTheSenate Vote @harrisonjaime he knows exactly where he stands and will always fight for South Carolinians. 
John Cornyn parrots Trump by blaming the Dems for the failure of the Senate to work for the American people.

#FlipTheSenate Vote @mjhegar a leader who represents Texas values: strength, courage, independence, & families first. 
While Susan Collins always claims she is"disappointed" she never fails to be a voice and a vote for Trump and the GOP.

#FlipTheSenate vote for @SaraGideon a voice for the people of Maine! 
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