It’s #WorldBookDay ❤️And since reading lists are more welcome than ever these days, here are some of our favourite books on nuclear weapons and on changing the world #thread 👇
Our Policy & Research coordinator @azakre had too many #goodbooks to pick just one. She recently read and learned a lot from Peter H. Eichstaedt's “If You Poison Us: Uranium Mining and Native Americans” and “People of the Bomb” by Hugh Gusterson, though. #WorldBookDay
Have you read “Barefoot Gen”? Our Operations coordinator @celinenahory recommends this iconic #manga/ graphic novel about the bombing of Hiroshima and its aftermath: #worldbookday2020
Our content intern, Sukanya, recommends ”Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons” in which Ward Wilson brilliantly breaks down why nuclear weapons are enormously dangerous and ‘not terribly useful’… #WorldBookDay
Liz, our Admin & Finance Manager, recommends “Atomic Audit: Costs and Consequences of U.S. nuclear weapons since 1940” for an idea of how much money has been wasted on these weapons of mass destruction. And keep in mind those $$$ have gone way up since 2008! #WorldBookDay
Our Treaty Coordinator @TimMilesWright wants to recommend @achesonray’s forthcoming “Banning the Bomb, Smashing the Patriarchy”, but that’s cheating bc he’s one of the lucky ones who gets to read a preview 😉 #staytuned, though! #WorldBookDay2020
Finally, though it’s a children’s book, digital campaigner @lucerito_oyarzun thinks “Sadako and the thousand paper cranes” is a must-read no matter your age, because it shows how the effects of nuclear radiation can destroy lives (but not hope) even years later. #WorldBookDay
Of course, there are so many more great reads out there on #nuclearweapons, on activism and on both, together! And we have some very well-read twitter followers📚 So now it’s back to you: what do you recommend on #WorldBookDay?
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