Lately there has been some inconsistency in #COVID19 numbers, reporting time & formats shared by official pages ( @PMCPune, Pune Collectorate & @SmartPune ) which is leading to confusion & causing panic among citizens.
My Letter to Collector, Mayor, Commissioner of Pune.
The variation in 24 hour cycles and lack of standard format in sharing #COVID related data is leading to misperception and anxiety among #Pune citizens.
Based on inputs shared by the citizens I have suggested a few alterations to the reporting by all official channels
1)Have one Nodal Agency / Official Designated social media page (Facebook & Twitter) that will be the first to share the Official Data.

2)Information to be shared by that SM Page at a pre-defined consistent time every evening
3)Suggested Format of reporting to avoid further Confusion

 No of New Cases Today
 No of Cured-Discharged Today
 No of Deaths Today
 Total Cases Till Date
 Total Cured Till Date
 Total Deaths Till Date
 Critical Patients
4) Data Should be reported separately ( in separate posts ) for PMC / PCMC / Pune District

5) Graphical Maps (showing ward wise data) must also be updated and shared at another pre-defined time every evening from the same designated social media page.
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