We’re well over 40 hz today! ✨

Resonance is 7.83hz normally. A massive collective ascension is happening. We’re being raised to 5D and higher now. How are you feeling? Sleeping? Strange dreams yet? 💫 https://twitter.com/schumannbot/status/1253322757204398083
We can experience many physical symptoms during ascension. Some people are more sensitive to these new energies than others, and will have many of these symptoms right now: https://twitter.com/ladyqanuck/status/1245390048276742145?s=21 https://twitter.com/ladyqanuck/status/1245390048276742145
We are now all being lifted from 3D to 5D and higher. Some people are fighting this ascension, wanting to remain in 3D. Those that fight will have a difficult time moving forward, and some will pass away from this energy shift. This is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. 💫
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