1/This thread is information I've gathered that proves HIV cannot cause AIDS & MORE. HIV is a harmless RNA virus that is commonly found in people who NEVER get AIDS. The fear mongering & misinformation continues to this day, coincidentally (or not) from Doctors like Fauci & Birx.
2/The best book reference to how HIV does not progress to AIDS is the book Inventing the AIDS Virus by Peter Duesberg, written in 1996.


3/In the 1980's there was new mass panic in the gay community as so many of them were dying from a strange unknown immunosuppressive disease that had the doctors baffled. The same thing was also occurring to heavy drug abusers in alarming rate.
4/It seem to "spread" among those groups but never out of them. Instead of looking at behaviors, a small group within the media & big pharma saw an opportunity to make a lot of money, & blamed the newly found AIDS on an innocent RNA virus called HIV.
5/To create death, fear & panic they started testing and it seemed to stay only in homosexual community. They couldn't get their neverending slush fund if it didn't "appear" to spread into heterosexual groups....
....6/so they diabolically created tests that would come back false positive for HIV (which is in many people since it is common). Once everyday people tested postive (not in normal risk groups) they started prescribing AZT to them (Zidovudine - brand name RETROVIR).
7/This is PURE EVIL because they would exhibit the characteristics of immune deficiency because that is what AZT does! It destroys the immune system. Coronavirus was going be used in the same way, until the Patriots messed up their plan.
8/Some possibilities to ponder:
✅ Some have thought that the gay community could be losing their immune systems from nitrate "poppers" which is commonly used in anal sex.
✅ If true, the reason AIDS is common in third world is malnutrition. Vaccines can't cure a behavior.
9/Do these people have our best interests at heart? They've already warned a "second round" is imminent in the fall. This is the purest form of propaganda. Brush up on history. We need to rise up & understand that people get sick, & people die.
10/TODAY, the cure is much more deadly than the disease. Suicide hotline calls up 20x, Poison Control calls up significantly. Economic catastrophe. When will it end? When good people start doing something ABOUT IT.
11/That is why I'm writing, to wake you up & anyone you can possibly share this with. You and I are fighting these people. Symbolism will be their downfall:
12/What is their motive to push vaccines & expensive drugs? Trump knew they would & let things play out for maximum Deep State exposure vs minimal deaths. And I TRUST THE PLAN; if it had to be done this way for millions to live, then so be it.
13/Their playbook of Evil will NEVER END until they are caught red handed with proof & the guilty are punished. A working scam having played out for nearly a century, even longer that guarantees billions of dollars annually, without having to not only not prove anything....
....14/but to be legally protected by having your own "vaccine court" the maximum liability of $250,000 is quite a Golden Goose.
15/Now that I've given you the Armor of Knowledge, let's explore this. According to Dr. Peter Duesberg, one of the world's leading retrovirologists, because HIV is a retrovirus, and retroviruses do not have cell-killing mechanisms, HIV CANNOT BE THE CAUSE OF AIDS.
16/The Retroviruses are latent, they do not "do" anything, and therefore could not possibly cause the massive cell destruction seen in AIDS.
17/Does the name RETROVIR sound familiar? That's because the MSM has been pumping up Gilead's REMDESIVIR as a CORONAVIRUS cure, claiming it "delivers rapid recoveries". Now I'm not a Doctor, but RETROVIR & REMDESIVIR sound like close siblings!
18/Gilead produces some of the most expensive drugs in the world. I know two things are certain; someone knows something, & someone is trying to pull a fast one.
19/Research into causes of illnesses hasn't progressed at all. While research into treatment with drugs, surgery & vaccines is out of control, here's a challenge. What academic research papers aren't compromised with faulty data? Can a virus actually infect a healthy human body?
20/What they don't want you to focus on is immunotherapy, vitamins, & living a healthier lifestyle, when many Americans lack a basic nutrition. But yet you have Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube saying they're going to suppress any information like that.
21/Her Deep State sister, Anne is the CEO of 23&Me, the DNA company selling off your body's secrets to feed the beast of China's AI system. And the third sister, Janet Wojcicki is a PhD at UCSF & is a Professor of Pediatrics in their School of Medicine.
22/Their father holds Emeritus Tenure at Stanford & their Mom was a journalist, educator & mentored Steve Jobs daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs. Her motto to raising successful kids? Let your kids fail. Talk about projecting on the "lower caste system" w/your elitist pinky in the air.
23/There are thousands of studies that show toxins, drugs, vaccines, food, & stress cause illness. I'll put out a null hypothesis. If NESARA happens & all debt is ERADICATED, cancer, heart disease & most sickness will drop significantly due to decreased stress levels.
24/In the "Pharma Bro" business, the words cheap & cure are fighting words! Looks like Patriots have showed up to the fight. This time, we bring our Lord Jesus Christ. As each dystopian reality is revealed by Truth, many will grieve, followed by acceptance.
25/All levels of socioeconomic & educational backgrounds in society will need to re-learn most of what they thought they knew to be true. Those most indoctrinated will fight the hardest because they also have the most to lose. The Great Awakening is coming like a bullet train!
26/Dr. SHIVA @va_shiva: "Dr. Fauci Is The Guy Who Architected The LIE That HIV Is Responsible For AIDS! He Is Highly Embedded Into The Big Pharma Model Of Medicine Which Has To Do WIth Vaccines & Profit! Dr. Fauci Is Embedded Into The DEEP STATE!"
27/Seven million views in one week, nice work Dr. Shiva!
28/Another rising star on Twitter is Judy Mikovits (Twitter is @DrJudyAMikovits). Like Dr. Shiva, she has come out and exposed the Deep State Big Pharma & Vaccine business. I expect more like her to come out of the woodwork in the very near future!
29/The swamp is very well connected. It runs a lot deeper than you ever thought possible as an interconnected Deep Web. The invisible enemies work in many forms. They attack and enter however they can, but remember - your mind has freewill.
30/You let them enter your body in various ways, which is the ultimate root of many illnesses. Take small steps such as
✅ Taking Vitamins
✅ Reducing or eliminating harmful foods & drink from your diet
✅ Going for daily walks
✅ Maintaining stress levels
31/MR. FAUCI, TEAR DOWN THIS NARRATIVE! In plain English, Vaccines are Modern day Snake Oil with Salesmen in fancy suits.
32/AIDS is the ideal propaganda model for these nefarious actors to use for ANY virus during a Pandemic to achieve the spectacular psychological results they did with AIDS.
33/You don't even need a virus. You just need the widespread belief that something like the common cold, flu, something with similar symptoms is causing a pandemic. Everyone FEAR! Use the media to spread the lies while you find a spot in the chain to create positive cases.
34/Six Control steps the Government/Corporate round door uses to protect each other
1. Control the origin
2. Control the testing
3. Control toxins to the environment/treatment to make it worse
4. Government steps in: "I am here from the government and I am here to help!".
5. Corporations: Never make a cure & suppress all cures. Only your expensive drugs/treatments/vaccines are to be allowed.
6. Use all forms of propaganda to make sure no on questions any of it!
36/Propaganda is dangerous! People will do something contrary to their self-interests & even harm themselves & others if they think that it is what is accepted as normal. Some will even conform all the way to death.
37/Vaccine makers need abortions because believe it or not, the live cells inside vaccines are made from aborted fetal tissue, hence why Democrats are pushing for abortions 🤮. Big Pharma in their pocket.

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