International Freemasonry and related el lites are responsible for many mass murders and provocations to war which happened along or close to N' 33rd degree of latitude, also known as the 33rd Parallel.

O, treachery! 
--Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act III, scene iii 

Nuclear THREAD
Most of the world's wealth is stored north of the north 33rd Parallel. Major financial centers north of the 33rd Parallel include London, New York, Chicago, and Switzerland. Most of this planet's six billion people live south of the 33rd Parallel.
Ironically, due to the power of the Masonic Elites and related power elites, the major publishers will rarely, if ever, publish books by any scholar who ventures into the forbidden issue of the Masons and power elites.
When a major publisher does publish such a book of pure truths, the result is censorship. For example, "Tragedy and Hope," written by a Professor Carroll Quigley, an exposé of the Bilderberger Group, was withdrawn by Macmillan, its publisher, within months of its publication.
The Internet, talk radio, small presses, and underground publishers have kept information available to those who want to know the truth. 

Almost everyone ignored it because of the illusion they live in.
James Shelby Downard (1913-1998)'s seminal essay, "Sorcery, Sex, Assassination and the Science of Symbolism" analyzed the 1963 President John F. Kennedy assassination in terms of geography, names, and symbols. It's an insanely good book. trust me it's excellent full of knowledge.
Kennedy was shot while riding in the back of a limousine on Elm Street in Dallas, Texas, just south of the 33rd degree of latitude, the 33rd Parallel.
The United States "Nightmare on Elm Street" happened when a trained assassin, not Lee Harvey Oswald, shot President Kennedy from a position in front of Kennedy. This assassination and the ensuing cover-up are significant because the victim was the most powerful man on earth,
the President of the United States, and because the perpetrators have never been brought to justice. 

Significant though it was, the JFK assassination is only one among many calculated murders that have happened along, or close to, the 33rd Parallel.
The number of murders of people of high position and key witnesses along or around the 33rd Parallel is significant. In addition, the most well-known centers of activity are on or near the 33rd Parallel: Atlantis, Great Pyramids, and the Bermuda Triangle.
The number 33 is seen in different areas of life: The human foot has 33 muscles. The number of turns in a complete sequence of human DNA equals 33. The Holy Bible, New International Version, uses the word "thirty-three" seven times in seven verses.
King David reigned in Jerusalem 33 years (2 Samuel 5:5, 1 Kings 2:11, 1 Kings 5:16, 1 Chronicles 3:4, and 1 Chronicles 29:27). Genesis 46:15 states: "These sons and daughters of his [Israel's or Jacob's] were thirty-three in all.")
Leviticus Chapter 12 discusses purification after childbirth. Leviticus 12:4 states that after the boy is circumcised on the eighth day, "Then the woman must wait thirty-three days to be purified from her bleeding.
She must not touch anything sacred or go to the sanctuary until her days of her purification are over." 

Jesus Christ, having begun his three-year ministry at about the age of 30 (Luke 3:23), must have died on the cross and rose again at the age of 33.
The Catholic Italian poet Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) divided his Divine Comedy into 100 Cantos: one Canto for the introduction, 33 Cantos for the Inferno, 33 Cantos for the Purgatorio, and 33 Cantos for the Paradiso.
Masons and their confederates may note that Dante placed the traitors to their guests in a deep pit of Hell in his 33rd Canto of the Inferno. 

The seduction of secret societies is as old as the Garden of Eden,
when the serpent beguiled Eve, saying to her, "Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil" (Genesis 3:4-5)

. In one form or another, cults and secret societies
falsely promise something better than what God has to offer, promising immortality on earth and godhood. Secret societies often "determine in the depths the changes that take place on the surface." Arthur Edward Waite, quoted by A. Ralph Epperson, The Unseen Hand 126 (1985).
Of all the secret societies in the world, the only one in which the number 33 is important is the secret cult of Freemasonry, which mixes a brew of symbols from Egypt, the Bible, Persia, alchemy, and twisted occultists' imaginations.
Masons are sworn to protect their brother Mason should they engage in immoral or criminal conduct. The royal arch mason swears, "I will aid and assist a companion royal arch mason, when engaged in any difficulty, and espouse his cause,

so far as to extricate him from the same,
if in my power, whether he be right or wrong. . . A companion royal arch mason's secrets, given me in charge as such, and I knowing him to be such, shall remain as secure and inviolable, in my breast as in his own, murder and treason not excepted."
Chronology of Significant Events at the northern 33rd degree of latitude: 2589 B.C. to 1963 A.D. 
2589 - 2566 BC.
The Great Pyramid was built in Egypt by masons at a location not far south of 30 degrees latitude, and on 31 degrees longitude.
How the Great Pyramid was built is unknown. Herodotus estimated that it would have taken 30+ years and 100,000 slaves (slavemasons) to have built it. Other structures will have your mind going sideways, some structures will redpill you instantaneously.
Another theory says that it was built by peasants who were unable to work the land while the Nile flooded between July and November. The flooded waters would have assisted in the transport of the stones,
which were brought from Aswan and Tura and the water would have brought the stones right to the pyramid.
It would have taken more than 2.3 million blocks of stone with an average weight of 2.5 tons each. The total weight would have been 6 million tons, the height, 482 feet. It is the largest and the oldest of the Pyramids of Giza.
Little is known about Cheops (Khufu) because the tomb was robbed before archeologists found it. Any information about him was taken with the objects stolen from the tomb. Cheops, the ruler of complex society, must have been as wealthy in his time as Bill Gates in ours.
Cheops was buried alone in this colossal tomb. His wives may have been buried nearby in smaller mastabas.
1470 B.C. (?) Atlantis? A continent was reputedly the size of Europe. It boasted gorgeous cities, advanced technology and utopian government. It suffered a cataclysm and was reduced to rubble that sank beneath the sea, lost forever. Did they have a space force? maybe not.
The legend of Atlantis has been around for thousands of years, and whatever its factual validity may be, it does claim a noble heritage, for its earliest known proponent was Plato. 

The Greek philosopher wrote of Atlantis in two of his dialogues,
"Timaeus" and "Critias," around 370 B.C. Plato said that this was a true story which derived from then-200-year-old records of the Greek ruler Solon, who heard of Atlantis from an Egyptian priest.
Plato wrote that the continent lay in the Atlantic Ocean near the Straits of Gibraltar until its destruction 10,000 years before. In "Timaeus," Plato described Atlantis as a prosperous nation out to expand its domain:
"and, furthermore, the men of Atlantis had subjected the parts of Libya within the columns of Heracles as far as Egypt, and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenia."
Plato then tells how the Atlanteans made a mistake by attacking Greece. They could not withstand the Greeks' military might, and following their defeat, a natural disaster sealed their fate.
"Timaeus" continues: "But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea."
Plato tells a more metaphysical version of the Atlantis story in "Critias," where he describes the lost continent as the kingdom of Poseidon, the god of the sea. This Atlantis was a noble, sophisticated society that reigned in peace for centuries.
Although Plato was the first to use the term "Atlantis," there are antecedents to the legend. In an Egyptian legend which Solon probably heard while traveling in Egypt, and which was passed down to Plato years later, the island nation of Keftiu,
home of one of the four pillars that held up the sky, was said to be a glorious advanced civilization which was destroyed and sank beneath the ocean. 

Another Atlantis-like story is closer to Plato's world, in terms of time and geography, and it is factual.
The Minoan Civilization was a great and peaceful culture based on the island of Crete, which reigned as long ago as 2200 B.C. The Minoan island of Santorini, later known as Thera, was home to a huge volcano.
In 1470 B.C., it erupted with a force estimated to be greater than Krakatoa, and it destroyed everything on Santorini's surface. The resulting earthquakes and tsunamis devastated the rest of the Minoan Civilization, whose remnants were easily conquered by Greek forces.
Santorini may have been Atlantis. Some have argued against idea, noting Plato specified that Atlantis sank 10,000 years ago, but the Minoan disaster had taken place only 1,000 years earlier. Still, it could be translation errors over centuries changed Plato's original writing.
Alternatively, Plato may have blurred the historical facts to suit his purposes. Or, Atlantis may be purely Plato's invention. Just the same, his story of the sunken continent has caught the imagination of succeeding generations.
Other Greek thinkers, such as Aristotle and Pliny, disputed the existence of Atlantis, while Plutarch and Herodotus wrote of it as historical fact. Atlantis became entrenched in folklore all around the world, charted on ocean maps and sought by explorers.
In 1882, Ignatius Donnelly, a U.S. congressman from Minnesota, brought the legend into the American consciousness with his book, Atlantis: The Antediluvian World. Others have said Hundreds of people -- could be reincarnated Atlanteans.
Cayce said that Atlantis had been situated near the Bermuda island of Bimini. He believed that Atlanteans possessed remarkable technologies, including supremely powerful "fire-crystals" which they harnessed for energy.
A disaster in which the fire-crystals went out of control was responsible for Atlantis's sinking, he said, in what sounds like a cautionary fable on the dangers of nuclear power. Remaining active beneath the ocean waves, damaged fire-crystals emit energy fields that disrupt
ships and aircraft -- which is how Cayce accounted for Bermuda Triangle,he said.

1704-1662 B.C. The Babylonian empire was based in Babylon, near the 33rd Parallel. The empire stretched from the Persian Gulf to the middle Euphrates River and upper Tigris River regions.
Hammurabi, the last great king of the first dynasty, developed his legal code and ordered it to be incised on a basalt column and placed in the temple of Shamash, the god of justice, for all to see. 

1500 B.C. Tel Megiddo: One of the most important archaeological mounds
in Israel, Tel Megiddo has the remains of historic Megiddo, a fortified city that sat strategically on the ancient trunk road from Egypt to Syria and Mesopotamia. Near the 33rd Parallel, Tel Megiddo has served as an important junction and battlefield throughout history.
It is mentioned in an Egyptian document over 3,500 years old, was one of the chariot cities of Kings Solomon and Ahab, and was the site where Josiah, King of Judah, fell in battle.
Excavations have uncovered the ruins of 25 cities dating from 4,000 to 400 B.C. Ruined structures, now visible, belong to the fortified "chariot city" built by King Solomon in the 10th century B.C. An ancient water system, dating from the 9th century B.C., is well preserved.
It is a phenomenal piece of engineering which has a big shaft, sunk 120 feet through rock, meeting a tunnel cut more than 200 feet to a spring outside the city. The spring was hidden by a wall and camouflaged by a covering of earth.
1025 - 945 B.C. Tyre, Lebanon: Home of King Hiram and the mythological Hiram Abiff, the Terrible Twosome of Masonic legend. Tyre is less than 20 miles north of the 33rd Parallel. Hiram was the King of Tyre in the reigns of David and Solomon.
He was on friendly terms with both of them. King Hiram is first mentioned in the Holy Bible at 2 Samuel 5:11, almost at the start of his reign, when he sent messengers to David with cedar trees, carpenters and masons who built David a house.
The wood was floated in rafts down the coast to Joppa, then brought overland to Jerusalem. Hiram, who admired David, sent an embassy to Solomon after David's death, as recorded in 1 Kings 5:1.
Solomon took advantage of Hiram and arranged for Hiram to send him timber of cedar and fir from Lebanon. Hiram's "stone-squarers" (1 Kings 5:18) were men of Gebal (modern Jebail) north of Beirut.
Both Solomon and Hiram were Semites. Solomon supplied Hiram with large quantities of wheat and olive oil annually for food (1 Kings 5:11), he surrendered 20 "cities" of Galilee to Hiram (1 Kings 9:10-13). When Solomon had finished building the temple (seven years) and his palace
(13 years), Hiram came to Galilee. Hiram was greatly dissatisfied when he saw the cities, and he nicknamed them "Cabul," a term of uncertain origin which Joseph in his Antiquities (8:5:3) says means "not pleasing" in the Phoenician tongue.
Hiram and Solomon built a navy and equipped it with sailors on the Red Sea. They made expeditions from Ezion-geber at the head of the Gulf of Aqabah south to Ophir, where they purchased gold (1 Kings 9:28). They also had a "navy of Tarshish" o the Mediterranean which brought to
them from afar "gold and silver, ivory, apes and peacocks" (1 Kings 10:22). No definite record has been found of Hiram's death. Hiram had a daughter who became of Solomon's "seven hundred" wives (1 Kings 11:1, 3).
Building 7>> occult-Masonic construct (Salomon building). its 47 stories & trapezoidal shape can attest to that (the 47th Problem of Euclid, also known as the Pythagorean Theorem, "represents a perfect symbol of Freemasonry").

Countdowns of the *MANUFACTURED* Biblical End Times.
A century later Ethbaal, Hiram's great grandson, was called "king of Sidon" in 1 Kings 16:31. Ethbaal's daughter, Jezebel, became Ahab's notorious queen (1 Kings 16:31). Renewed troubles after Ethbaal's death led to the emigration of Elissa,
the Dido of Virgil's Aeneid IV, and to the foundation of Carthage. 

The Holy Bible does record a Hiram, a worker in brass. King Solomon brought this Hiram from Tyre to help build the temple (1 Kings 7:13, 14, 40-45; 2 Chronicles 2:13, 14; 4:11-16).
This Hiram's mother was a woman of the tribe of Dan who had married first into the tribe of Naphtali, then later a man of Tyre. However, the name "Hiram Abiff" is nowhere in the Holy Bible.
His name, and the myth surrounding his death and resurrection, are the product of occultists' imaginations. 

In the period from 587 B.C. to 581 B.C., the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel prophesied that Tyre would "become a spoil to the nations" (Ezekiel 26:5),
a place to spread nets upon (26:14 and 47:10), and "built no more" (26:14). In 332 B.C., pursuant to Ezekiel's prophecy, Tyre fell to ruin when Alexander the Great besieged and stormed the city.
875-848 B.C. The Biblical Mount Carmel is south of the modern city of Haifa and west of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Mount Carmel is less than 20 miles south of the 33rd Parallel.
At Carmel Elijah the Hebrew prophet stood against 850 heathen prophets and defeated them (1 Kings 18).
In the Bible, Mount Carmel was where Elijah defied the prophets of Baal.

Waco/Mount Carmel Center = symbolic revenge of Baal.
2 possibilities.

We're going to get fucked and they will cause massive earthquakes and tsunamis and volcanic eruptions at some point and reset like the Mayans,sumarians,Atlantis


We're going to ascend and take our place as a more advanced and unified race for 1,000+ years.
593-571 B.C. In Ezekiel Chapter 28, the prophet wrote while in exile in Babylon, not far south of the 33rd Parallel. Ezekiel wrote about the ruler of Tyre. Tyre is less than 20 miles north of the 33rd Parallel.
The prophecy of Ezekiel called the king of Tyre wealthy and skilled in trading but proud and destined to destruction: 

{6} "'Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says: "'Because you think you are wise, as wise as a god, {7} I am going to bring foreigners against you, the
most ruthless of nations; they will draw their swords against your beauty and wisdom and pierce your shining splendor. {8} They will bring you down to the pit, and you will die a violent death in the heart of the seas. {9} Will you then say, "I am a god,"
in the presence of those who kill you? You will be but a man, not a god, in the hands of those who slay you. {10} You will die the death of the uncircumcised at the hands of foreigners. I have spoken, declares the Sovereign LORD.'"

-- Q

-- Q
Do you SEE the corruption?
Do you SEE the EVIL?
Are you a SLAVE?
Are you a SHEEP?

-- Q

- Q
You are missing the connections.
Continue to build the MAP.
MAP provides the KEY.
KEY spreads the TRUTH.
Future proves past.
Trust the plan.

-- Q
Where do roads lead?
Each prince is associated with a cardinal direction: north, south, east and west.
Table 29.
D-Room H
D-Room R
D-Room C
Pure EVIL.

-- Q
Where there was once darkness, there will now be LIGHT.
"Do not glorify us.
WE are ALL Patriots.
Honor those who serve.
Where we go one, we go all."

-- Q
"Nobody can possibly imagine the pure evil and corruption out there.
Those you trust are the most guilty of sin.
Who are we taught to trust?
If you are religious, PRAY.
These people should be hanging."

-- Q
THEY Divide.
WE Conquer.
Anticipated – human nature.
Anticipated – interruptions by others.

Time is severely limited.
Patriots don’t sleep.
40,000ft. v. necessary to understand [US]/SA/global events.
Paint the picture.
Many cannot/will not swallow.
What is No Such Agency - Q group?
Who has clearance to full picture?
+++Adm R+++
What agency is at war w/ Clowns In America?

-- Q
How does POTUS shift narrative?
(New) Age of Enlightenment.
80% covert.
20% public.
C-info leaks?
Operations (think SA + ???)?
CNN sale?
What co’s rec large cash injections by Clowns In America (public)?
Who does [i]t hurt?
Who control[s] the MSM?

-- Q
Primary objective from beginning: POTUS discredit MSM.
[W]hy is this relevant?
How is information transmitted?
How are people inform[e]d?
Why was Sarah A. C. attacked (hack-attempt)?
Why was Op[e]ration Mockingbird repeated?
Why was Jason Bourne (CIA/Dream) repeated?

-- Q
Think social media platforms.
Who are the Wizards & Warloc[k]s?
What council do the Wizards & Warlocks control?
Think Snowden (inside terms dropped).
Alice & Wonderland – understood.
Snow White – understood.
Iron Eagle?
Godfather III?
Everything has meaning.

-- Q
Disney is a distraction.
Senate & Congress = puppets (not all)(power shift).

-- Q
Patriots are UNITED in their pursuit of common goals.
Patriots are NOT divided.
Borders DO NOT separate us.

-- Q
What role can MIL INTEL play?
What role can NSA play?

-- Q
What would happen if texts originating from a FBI agent to several [internals] discussed assassination (possibility) of the POTUS or member of his family?
What if the texts suggest foreign allies were involved?
Forget the Russia set up [1 of 22].
This is only the beginning.

-- Q
Think logically.
We haven’t started the drops re: human trafficking / sacrifices [yet][worst].
Those [good] who know cannot sleep.
Those [good] who know cannot find peace.
Those [good] who know will not rest until those responsible are held accountable.
-- Q
What family was permitted to leave immediately after 9-11?
Who authorized the departure?
Why is this relevant?
Was anyone else permitted to leave?
Was anyone else permitted to leave?
Was it a private plane?
What can private planes carry v commercial?
What airport did they arrive/depart from?
What was carried on a private plane to Iran?
Why was the Bin Laden family here during 9-11?
How does SA connect to the Bin Laden family?
Who in SA is connected specifically to the Bin Laden family?
What did they deliver?
To who?
What does money buy?
Why are the events in SA relevant to the above?
Who is the financial backer for human trafficking?
Who is the ‘broker’ for underage sex?
How does FB & Instagram play a role in capture?
Think ‘Taken’.
Fantasy right?
Why do select senior political officials have foundations/institutes?
What is money laundering?
What does money buy?
Why is this relevant?
What other people were arrested in SA?
What are their backgrounds?
Are any connected to the Podesta Group?
Why is this relevant?
What do you need in order to prosecute senior officials?
How do you avoid public misconception?
How do you justify counter-political attacks to the mass public?
Why is information so vital?
Is the country divided?
Why does the MSM portray the country as being divided?
You have a choice.
SIS 'good' agents.
The time is now.
Contact window(s) [GOOD]
*Q Links to Pope's Tweet on Human Trafficking*

"Godfather III
It's going to be BIBLICAL."

-- Q
Ezekiel continues by comparing the king of Tyre to the fallen angel, Satan: 

"You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained you. You were on the holy mount of God; you walked among the fiery stones.
{15} You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created till wickedness was found in you. {16} Through your widespread trade you were filled with violence, and you sinned. So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God, and I expelled you, O guardian cherub, from
among the fiery stones. {17} Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor. So I threw you to the earth; I made a spectacle of you before kings. {18} By your many sins&dishonest trade you have desecrated your sanctuaries
. So I made a fire come out from you, and it consumed you, and I reduced you to ashes on the ground in the sight of all who were watching. {19} All the nations who knew you are appalled at you; you have come to a horrible end and will be no more."
605-562 B.C. Babylon was the predominant city in the ancient world during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II. 

Circa 29 A.D. At Caesarea Philippi, near the 33rd Parallel, Jesus Christ predicted his own death (Matthew 16:22).
1492 As the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria sailed through the Bermuda Triangle in 1492, Columbus's compass went haywire and that he and his crew saw weird lights in the sky. This could have been a Bermuda Triangle event or a sign from God.
These events, however, have mundane explanations. Columbus's compass's slight inaccuracy may have stemmed from nothing more than the discrepancy between true north and magnetic north.
As for the lights, Columbus wrote of seeing "a great flame of fire" that crashed into the ocean -- probably a meteor. He saw lights in the sky again on October 11-- the day before his famous landing.
The lights, brief flashes near the horizon, were spotted in the area where dry land turned out to be. Although there are rational explanations for what Columbus saw, his experience has contributed to the legend of the Bermuda Triangle, the huge three-sided segment
of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
1500s In Spain (33rd Parallel?) , renegade Jesuits and Franciscans took the name Alumbrados (Enlightened). They believed in direct contact between the human soul and the Holy Spirit. ?? Which prompted the Inquisition to issue three edicts against the group.
1756 Charleston, South Carolina, the original site of Scottish Rite Masonry in the United States, is only 15 miles south of the 33rd Parallel.
So, Freemasonry equates the Church, the State, and the masses with tyranny, intolerance, & ignorance. Freemasons were pledged to avenge Hiram Abiff and that their plan was to strike down the Church, the State, and the freedom of the masses on a global scale.
1861 On April 12, Confederate forces fired on Union's Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, igniting Civil War. Charleston, at 33rd Parallel, known officially as "the Mother Lodge of the World." This Lodge had been founded by Moses Lindo as King Solomon Lodge.
3/03/33 Late in the preinaugural banking crisis, on March 3, 1933, the Federal Reserve Board and the New York Reserve Bank's Governor Harrison had agreed that the Board would issue an order closing all the Federal Reserve Banks.
New York Governor Herbert Lehman, at the urging of Governor Harrison, also agreed to proclaim an emergency bank holiday in New York, and a similar action was taken in Illinois.
One of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's first official acts after taking office on Inauguration Day (Saturday, March 4, 1933), was to proclaim an emergency, three-day, nationwide banking holiday, signed and effective Monday, March 6.
FDR was a member of the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, i.e., the Shriners. Shriners are 33rd degree Masons.
1935 . Great Seal of USA was established on June 20, 1782. The back of Seal was barely known until the 1930s when it became a part of the dollar bill under Masonic United States President Franklin D.
Roosevelt On the reverse side of the Great Seal are an eye and a pyramid. Over the eye and pyramid is an inscription, "Annuit Coeptis," Latin for "He favors our undertakings." "Undertaking" means a venture, a promise, of the profession or duties of a funeral director.
The Masons would like to believe that God favors their duties as funeral directors. The Masons become funeral directors by first directing whose body will at the funeral, and where that life will be taken.
If a life is taken close to the northern 33rd Parallel, this fits with the Masons' demonic mythology in which they demonstrate their worldly power by spilling human blood at a predetermined locale.
The inscription below the pyramid is "Novus Ordo Seclorum," Latin for "The New Order of the Ages." Taking the fist and last letters of each inscription, and the first letter of the middle word, "Ordo," in the second inscription, the letter are M-A-S-O-N.
Masons, in the original sense of the word as builders and stonemasons, built the Great Pyramid. 

The eye of the pyramid on the Great Seal is "the eye of god," which "watches and pierces the heart. Who knows its name?
there's a reason you get degrees and wear the black robe of lucifer and the mortar board of Freemasonry on your head when you graduate.
Call it love, creation, conspiracy," says the Egyptian Book of Coming Forth by Day, better known as the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The death theme continues with the pyramid itself. The Greek origin of the word "pyramid" derives from fire-especially "funeral pyre."
The King's Burial Chamber is found in the center of the Great Pyramid. For the Great Pyramid functioned as a giant tomb for the Pharaoh.
1945 Near the end of World War II, on April 12, 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt met his "sudden death" of a cerebral hemorrhage at the 33rd Parallel at Warm Springs, Georgia. His last words were, "I have a terrific headache." His medical chart is missing.
1945 Roosevelt's successor was Harry S Truman. "I've got every degree in the Masons that there is," said Truman. Harry S Truman often told journalists, "The S doesn't stand for anything."
However, after he attained the 33rd degree as a Mason, Truman secretly changed his name by adding the middle initial "S," which stood for Solomon. Truman's rise as a politician is traceable to Masonic sponsorship.
He said that being Grand Master for the whole state of Missouri helped him win a U.S. Senate Seat in 1940. Truman's sister, Mary Jane Truman, was the Grand Matron of Missouri in the Order of the Eastern Star, a Masonic organization.
As the 33rd President, this 33rd degree Mason initiated the Nuclear Age, the crowning success of alchemy, when the first A-bomb exploded at the 33rd Parallel Trinity Test Site, (Almagordo) White Sands, New Mexico, at the 33rd Parallel.
He was responsible for killing of thousands of Japanese (the Yellow Peril) at two cities close to the 33rd Parallel, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
On August 6, 1945 at 8:15 a.m. United States B-29 bomber Enola Gay, on Mission No. 13, dropped an atomic bomb called "Little Boy" on Hiroshima, Japan near the 33rd Parallel. This was "Day One" of a new age, the Nuclear Age.
Think folks. Think
To understand the change that took place, we must back up and look at the importance of the number 13 from the formation of the United States to the atomic bomb's explosion in Hiroshima.
In 1935, Paul Foster Case wrote: "Since the date, 1776, is placed on the bottom course of the pyramid [on the Great Seal], and since the number 13 has been so important in the history of the United States and in the symbols of the seal,
it is not unreasonable to suppose that the thirteen courses of the pyramid may represent thirteen time-periods of thirteen years each."
The 13 time-periods of 13 years each equaled 169 years. From July 4, 1776 to July 4, 1945 equaled 169 years. From July 4, 1945 to August 6, 1945 (Hiroshima) was 33 days.
1946 On August 19, 1946, Bill Clinton, the 42nd President, was born in Hope, Arkansas, at the 33rd Parallel. His parentage is disputed. As a young man, Bill Clinton was a Master Counselor of the Masonic-connected Demolay.
("Demolay" derives from the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, James deMolay (1244-1314)). Clinton's ties with the Clowns. began when he studied at Oxford.
Clinton's reign as President has been noted for numerous scandals, including the unexplained deaths of more than 55 of his associates by means of bullets and plane crashes
1947 On July 8, 1947 a UFO and aliens' bodies were allegedly found in the desert outside Roswell, New Mexico at the 33rd Parallel.
1947 On July 26, 1947, while aboard the presidential aircraft "Sacred Cow," Masonic United States President Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947.
The Act created an independent Air Force, the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. The National Security State was born.
1947 On December 5, 1947, the disappearance of Flight 19 spurred on the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. Five Navy Avenger bombers vanished while on a routine training mission, as did a rescue plane sent to search for them -- six aircraft and 27 men, gone without a trace.
Or so the story goes. When all the facts are laid out, the tale of Flight 19 becomes far less puzzling. All of the crewmen of the five Avengers were inexperienced trainees, with the exception of their patrol leader, Lt. Charles Taylor.
Taylor was perhaps not at the height of his abilities that day, as some reports indicate that he had a hangover and failed in his attempts to pass off this flight duty to someone else.
A search party was dispatched, which included the Martin Mariner that many claim disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle along with Flight 19. While it is true that it never returned, the Mariner did not vanish.
Twenty-three seconds after takeoff, it exploded in the sight of several witnesses at the base. Unfortunately this was not an uncommon occurrence, because Mariners were known for their faulty gas tanks. No known wreckage from Flight 19 has ever been recovered.
One reasonable explanation is that Taylor led the planes so far into the Atlantic that they were past the continental shelf. There the ocean abruptly drops from a few hundred feet deep to several thousand feet deep.
Planes and ships that sink to such depths are seldom seen again. The deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean, the 30,100-foot-deep Puerto Rico Trench, lies within the Bermuda Triangle.
Combining the circumstances of the failing compass, the difficulty of radio transmissions, and the absence of wreckage, tales of mysterious intervention befalling Flight 19 began to take form.
Theories involving strange magnetic fields, time warps, Atlantis, and alien abduction began to appear. Even an official Navy report intimated that the Avengers had disappeared "as if they had flown to Mars."
The lost aviators reappeared from a spaceship at Devil's Tower National Monument in Steven Spielberg's 1977 movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."
1948 During the Israeli War of Independence, the Israelis overcame invading Arabs forces at Mishmar Haemek. The reunification of the Jews had been prophesied by Ezekiel in Chapter 28, the same chapter which told of the fall of the King of Tyre.
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