PPTs are for making you mesmerized!

Let us look this first slide


Post lockdown, testing increased 24 times, while number of positive cases grew only 16 times
First let us see ICMR press releases for

23rd March and 23rd April


Tests = 20707
Positives = 471


Tests = 500542
Positives = 21797

Increase in tests = 500452/20707 = 24.2 times
Increase in positives = 21797/471 = 46.3 times!!!!!!
Look at this table, before drooling seeing the PPT and graphs my dear friends

While tests increased by 24.2 times between pre-lockdown and today, positives increased by 46.3 times!

Also the % of positive cases detected per tests increased by 191.45%!

That is the STORY........
Remember I taken the number of tests done here, instead of the number of people, because that was the golden period of #Mysterious890

24.5 times, if we take number of people instead of number of tests.

485172/19817 = 24.5 times!
If anyone had doubts like @t_d_h_nair that whether they have taken absolute numbers pre-lockdown and post lockdown.

My answer is here 👇 https://twitter.com/jamewils/status/1253317619383328770?s=19
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