This is what I accept as facts:

• COVID 19 is a flu like virus that is rapid spreading - highly contagious.
• C19 has minimal effects on 90% of people with the data we have now.
• C19 negatively effects the elderly or people vulnerable to respiratory illness.
• Of the people inflicted, upwards of 5 to 6% will die due to respiratory infections caused by C19.
• Hydroxychloroquine/chloroquine when combined with an antibiotic are effective measures to stop the virus and cure the infections.
• Hydroxychloroquine/chloroquine when ...
... combined with zinc helps prevent the C19 virus from taking hold in a person thereby preventing infections.
• Testing for antibodies will show many more people had the virus than what scientists know now.
• The new antibody studies will show many more people had the ...
... virus and that the percent of people that were not negatively inflicted with the effects of C19 will likely result in 96 to 99 percent or higher.
• We will find that C19 would turn out to be a mild to slightly severe flu.
• I believe C19 hit America in September, not ...
... January.

Now for logical thinking:

Because this is a typical rough flu like illness, the impact is nearly done. Because this strain is very contagious and spreads rapidly, I believe before the first case was reported in mid January, the Virus already spread across ...
... America. I believe herd immunity has already been achieved. I believe many more people have been exposed than not exposed. I believe wide transference of the virus will nearly be halted within weeks if it hasn’t already occurred. I believe transference of the virus right ...
... now is a crawl.

If @GovKemp is thinking like I’m thinking, he has a strong idea that opening GA or not will show virtually no difference in the infection rates.

He knows he holds all the cards in this gamble in the poker game with the mockingbird media.

Kemp is ...
... calling the mockingbirds’ bluff.

Will there be a small hump in the numbers of inflicted? Maybe. But it will be small. What about the deaths? That curve will be negligible. We know more today and any new serious case will be cared for effectively in a system free of ...
... being overwhelmed.

So this explains why the mockingbirds are going nuts. They know @GovKemp will show this virus is done. And he will show, we can go back to the Trump New Normal we were enjoying 8 weeks ago.

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