On #WorldBookDay, I add three more books by authors (I included) who see the #Mahabarata as a canvas on which to paint their own pictures.

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1/n https://twitter.com/gchikermane/status/1120742139044843520
After Kurukshetra, by Mahasweta Devi, translated by Anjum Katyal.
Just 54 pages long but the poignancy of these three short stories etch them into our souls forever.

#WorldBookDay #Mahabharata

The #Mahabharata, by N.V. Thadani.
True, this great text is as much an itihas as it is a symbol.
And if you want to study the symbolism, read this intense intellectual study.


Finally, a self-plug: Tunnel of Varanavat -- my retelling of the Palace of Lak incident.

#WorldBookDay #Mahabharata

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