“I am in charge of stock”: Sally Thornton, manager of @GovCanHealth $300M #pandemic medical supply stockpile. Thread. #cdnpoli
2/ @HoCCommitee on Health:
* MP Jansen: “I’m assuming you keep it in the stockpile because you need it?”
* Thornton: “We keep a minimum level…”
* MP Jansen: “What’s your minimum level of stock on masks?...”
* Thornton: “I couldn’t tell you.”
3/ Thornton: “We were not that familiar with what provinces had in their respective stockpiles”. Could not recall when @GovCanHealth began keeping electronic inventory. Thornton confirmed 3 warehouses closed incl. Regina depot that landfilled 2M N95 masks and 440K gloves. #skpoli
4/ “Can you undertake to provide this committee with the amount of funding the fed gov’t has provided for the nat’l emergency stockpile for each of the last 10 years?” asked MP @DonDavies. Thornton: “I will do our very best; some of that is not publicly available for disclosure.”
5/ * MP Jeneroux: “Would you agree we failed to keep an adequate stockpile due to lack of intention and poor inventory?...”
* Thornton: “No, the stockpile was actually doing well, what it was actually mandated and funded to do.”
* MP Jeneroux: “Minister @PattyHajdu mentioned we didn’t have adequate stockpiles. You say it’s not due to lack of intention or poor inventory. So then what’s it due to?”
* Thornton: “I think it was actually delivering on what it had been mandated and funded to do.”
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