A low-key but persistent theme on the #labourdoorstep last year was that ‘the party hates white people’. Corbyn, of course, hated white people more than anyone else, but this is a longstanding idea going back at least to the BNP electoral spike of 2008-9.
Brought back to mind by various Labour MPs waving the Flag of St George this morning. I don’t think that’s going to turn it round, lads. In fact, it just cements a political landscape in which you can’t win.
A supplementary point: the whispers you’re hearing about Keir Starmer and the Savile/Worboys cases are exactly the same thing in motion, already. https://twitter.com/Mr_Considerate/status/1253289107310198785
A far more important point is that you can’t dismiss these as ‘far right social media chatter’ when both Sajid Javid and Priti Patel were prepared to use them against Starmer in the 2019 election campaign.
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