The #COVID19 pandemic affects all of Europe.
🇪🇺 EU countries have come to each other's aid, providing help where it was needed most. #WeStandTogether #StrongerTogether
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Italy is one of the initial centres of the #COVID19 outbreak and has been severely impacted by the crisis.
⚕️ Other EU countries helped by sharing much needed medical supplies. 🇮🇹 🇪🇺 #WeStandTogehter #StrongerTogether
EU countries helped each other gain access to medical supplies in different ways 🙏 See some examples: #WeStandTogehter #StrongerTogether
The #COVID19 pandemic is testing healthcare systems across Europe. EU countries are sharing the burden, sending medical teams and treating critical patients from other member states. 👩⚕️ 👨⚕️ 🚑 🏥 🚁 #WeStandTogether #StrongerTogether
Together, we've brought back half a million EU citizens stranded outside the EU, since the #COVID19 crisis started 🛬 🚌 ⛴️ 🚆 #WeStandTogether #StrongerTogether
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