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Being a “people person,” and promoting kindness, support and positivity, I’m saddened by the amount of conflict, negativity, lies and propaganda on Twitter.
IMHO, more than ever now, in these difficult and dangerous times, we should come together and
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forget our differences.
The #DoctorWho fandom, the #mentalhealth community and political parties all appear to be waging civil wars within their ranks at the moment.
Just stop it. Just be #kind. See the bigger picture and work towards the overall good of your
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fandom, health or party.
#DoctorWho fans - enjoy what you like about the show, and respect the opinion of others, who may like different aspects.
#Tory party: accept you made horrendous mistakes with the #NHS in the past, and #unite now and in the future to
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preserve this wonderful organisation who are putting their lives on the line to save ours.
#Labour party: especially #Corbyn and #Starmer supporters - you’ve not only got to come together, but you’ve got to stop your own in-fighting. For instance, Corbyn
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supporters in particular, are spreading malicious lies and disinformation about fellow supporters. You’re not doing your cause any good whatsoever, and, indeed, are making yourselves look stupid and disorganised in the eyes of your opponents.
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Moving on to #mentalhealth - there’s a never-ending assault on people with poor mental health. Don’t the perpetrators realise the serious effect their lies and nastiness have on sufferers’ well-being? Just stop and think.

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So, to the crux of this thread: The world is a dangerous and uncertain place at the moment. My little corner of Twitter is dedicated to positivity, and supporting people. I appeal to EVERYONE to put all differences behind them and UNITE.

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In the words of the Doctor; “SIT DOWN AND TALK.”
We owe that to each other - we owe that to the world.
Propoganda, spin, lies and even simple misunderstandings, perpetrate nastiness and negativity when we should all be supportive and positive.
And simply be kind.
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