The lunatics on woke twitter have reached a diagnosis of dyslexia for the boy 😂

He skipped classes and went for the ones he wanted. A true case of dyslexia will fail across board- not just some subjects.

Music exams are also written,
If he has dyslexia he will fail music too.
For those who may not know:

Dyslexia is reading disorder.
Defined as trouble with reading despite normal intelligence.

The problems may include difficulties in spelling words, reading quickly, writing words, pronouncing words when reading aloud and understanding what one reads.
Dyslexia will affect a person across all the subjects. It is an impairment in the ability to read and sometimes in the ability to understand what you read.

You can’t fail English and pass music with an A (distinction) and be talking dyslexia.

You are just an unfortunate child.
And for those who may not know-
Dyslexia tends to mostly show up early in childhood- the moment a child starts going to school

Because it is a problem with reading,
Once the child starts learning to read,
The signs of dyslexia starts to show.

And it will be picked up by school.
Dyslexia is a serious problem.
And it requires special classes.

It’s not something to joke with.
And it’s not something to be used as excuse for silly spoilt brats to hide under and continue a lifestyle of foolishness and irresponsibility.

Please let’s be very guided edakun.
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