200423 Wendy Star Chat thread

(This is real-time so it might be messy but I will post a more comprehensive and organised version after the star chat when I can backtrack it for more accurate context)
There will be neither photos nor videos for today's star chatting
She said Hi Luvies
I missed you our Luvies, a lot a lottttttt
She said, "you guys missed me right?"
She sent a voice message at the start saying, "Hi Luvies!!!!! I'm Wendy!" it's so cute...........
'This year as well, let's not be hurt, let's be healthy, happy, and love each other more'
Wendy recommends

John K - 6 months
Wendy recommends

Baek Yerin - Square
She's been intro dramas these days, she watched old dramas and Netflix
She says her mom cooks a variety of yummy food
She said this now all feels like a dream and she's so sooooooo happy
The members contacted her as soon as the clock hit 12 on her birthday
She says that though there are lots of food that she likes, she thinks her mom's food is the best
She said she was able to spend her birthday with her whole family! Her sister and parents were(are) in Korea
SM sent a very pretty cake to her and she was able to blow candles
She said she can eat spicy food well these days and asked if she finally become an adult at age 27?

T/N: kids are known to not be able to take spicy well
Fans said she's 27 months old, and she said, 'only my height is 27 months old...?'
Fans were teasing her and she said, 'The Luvies who are saying I'm 2m, all stand out"

'All the Luvies who are being sarcastic, queue up"
She sent a time limited message bomb (where it disappears after you press it)

'I'm 159cm'
She said she went to the hospital recently and got her height measured, and then sent another time bomb message.

"It's says 161.3???"
"Did I grow taller?"
It seems like I'm really growing, I am really on my way to become an adult
She said she'll buy food for Luvies when she reaches 170cm
She asked the Luvies how they've been spending their time and said "Oh right online classes!"

She said that everyone is living diligently and she's proud of them
She says that she thinks of Luvies 24/7
She said she saw all the advertisements put up for her birthday
She also knows about the 'Shon Seungwan theatre' and saw the cafe events
"How could I not see them, people put in so much thoughts into them!!!"
"You guys said you all heard Aliceeeeeeee, yeokshi ㅠ"
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