A wee thread (my1st I think) as I wanted to follow on from a discussion last night. I have no real reason or need to he anon on here. Apart from the fact I'm all about the penguins and CEO of the penguin promotion and appreciation society, I might have made that bit up. So my
Profile pick would still be same even if my name was there. Anyhoo before I was on Twitter if the black dog landed at my door and I sank into the abyss, as discussed I would lug friends, family for days weeks on end. Phone calls texts, f.b engagement all gone. Being on here anon
I feel comfortable even at the worst of times to type speak random shit wi random people across the world and it's such a help. The point I'm getting at is. I was in a hole for over a week there but I've been chattering like a budgie on here last couple of days, because of that
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