Thread: My position on CCP virus: I agree with some of the big Conservative accounts that things don't add up. The models are definitely wrong, deaths are being counted when the dead never tested positive. I count at least three major studies (Stanford, LA, and Boston) that show
Way more people have had it, it was here way earlier than the experts thought, and the death rate is way smaller. This was đź’Ż a product of China and WHO not telling the world way earlier (likely released purposefully) but it's not near as bad as the media or experts make it 2 B.
But, here's where I disagree with Tracy Beanz, Julie Kelly, and Jordan Schactel: No, Trump isn't being played. He knows exactly what we know and way more. He knows Fauci, Birx, and Redfield are all Democrats doing him no favors.
However, due to the media, he can't just flip them off and tell America to go back to work. We are a very small percentage of Americans and are plugged in. Most, even Conservatives, are afraid. They don't have time to do the analysis we do. If he fired Fauci and the rest
He might lose reelection. Given the enormity of the corruption and evil in Congress and Federal Government he still has to unmask and bring to Justice it just isn't worth it. Hes playing the long game and is now rooting on States to "liberate".The people are with him. This is big
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