I read the Sachar Committee Report while in law school, & since then, have always carried out little observations about the proportionate Muslim representations in our institutions.

I make no correlation claims, but the observations made over last few years have amazed me. 1/n
Let me start with one of my alma mater, IIM Ahmedabad. A 15 member board of governors have a 0/15 Muslim representation. Corresponding numbers for IIM Bangalore stands at 0/15(+4 special invitees) & IIM Calcutta stands at 0/14.

Numbers from their website as of today.

How do the tech schools come out?

IIT Bombay has 0/10 in their board of governors. IIT Delhi, again 0/10. IIT Madras at 0/15.

Surely law schools cant do bad?

NLSIU Executive council has 1/22 (1 here is by virtue of a Supreme Court Judge). NALSAR is 2/11 (1 VC, 1 ex Supreme Court Judge). NUJS at 0/18.

My other alma mater, RMLNLU, has ex-officio positions listed on exec council column & not names.

Other reputed institutions?

SRCC has 0/15. Dated data shows Arun Jaitely but will go by what is available. St Stephens 0/16. Miranda House at 0/13.

The focus has been on government institutions. Not even going on to those run by business/family trusts.

Let's not leave out the commerce/accountant folks while we are it.

ICAI council has 40 members. 10 from each region. Total Muslim representations 0/40.

ICAI board of studies (Academic Council) - 0/32.

A couple of clarifications at this stage.

1. I am assuming religion from the names on the websites. I could be wrong.

2. From the first tweet on the thread, I am not drawing any correlation.

Last round of academic institutions to be checked.

The often in news JNU. The Executive council number of Muslims stand at 2/23.

IISc Bangalore at 0/19.

ISI Kolkata at 1/34. (IAS nominee)

Wrapped up most "premium"/"elite" educational institutions in India for now.

Beyond academics, how do other great Indian institutions fare out?

FMCG majors? Some of which are American multinational's Indian arms.

HUL is at 0/10. P&G at 0/12. ITC at 0/14. Nestle at 0/8. Pepsi India (Varun Bev) at 0/10. Colgate-Palmolive at 0/8. Marico at 0/10.

Family run business groups?

Tatas - 0/8
Aditya Birla Group - 0/9 (Business directors, BOGs separate for respective businesses)
Mahindra- 0/14
Reliance- 1/14
RPG - 0/7 (Leadership team, not BOG - like ABG)
CK Birla - 0/8 (Leadership team)
Adani Power - 0/6
Adani Port - 0/9

Let's look at "Muslim" led businesses in India?

Wipro - 3/9
Cipla - 4/10
Wockhardt - 4/11

From my observations on the list, other dimensions on which these boards fall short are the usual suspects of gender and caste

While caste is more difficult to guess than religion, gender is not that difficult. Women board members are few & meeting symbolism/statutory norms 12/n
Does an approximate 15% of Muslim minority translating into near 0 numbers in governance of our top institution indicate anything? Will leave it to your respective biases.

Muslim proportionate representations decline as one moves upwards on socio-economic-political ladder

I can go on further with political institutions, executive - both political and civil services, judiciary and so many more. Would cut it here for these are public institutions and quite visible.

However, one category I cannot exclude is the financial institutions/banks.

Muslim representation in the board of directors of the prominent financial institutions of India.

SBI - 0/12
HDFC - 0/10
LIC - 0/12
SEBI - 0/9
RBI - 0/14
NSE - 0/9
BSE - 0/8
PNB - 0/9
ICICI - 0/12

Sums up a lot of things.

Thank you for the overwhelming response.

If you've reached here, I've added some more information/numbers on a separate thread. Please go through them.

I've covered a few more sectors basis the suggestions received. I am attaching the link to the same. https://twitter.com/RajatDutta13/status/1254001996010385408
I've compiled the data in form of a blog post in mostly tabular format. PFA the link.

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