The future of Alberta’s child care system after the pandemic passes is a very real & pressing issue. How will parents who have suffered financial insecurity for months afford it? How many centres will survive? Will the system be able to attract educators back? #ableg
Alberta’s child care system was already hit hard by the UCP govt *before* the pandemic hit. Abandoning affordable $25/day childcare, cutting grants to centres resulting in increasing parent fees, cuts to subsidies, the abrupt cancellation of accreditation. #ableg
And now @rebeccakschulz has made it clear that her govt wont provide any direct financial support to childcare centres during the pandemic even though they have the funds to do it. She wants to see which ones survive the pandemic first & then she’ll decide what to do. #ableg
The pandemic has highlighted that child care is an essential service. Alberta needs a strong & quality child care system in place so that Albertans can go to work. We need a focus on quality & affordability to support families & our economy. #ableg
We need a government that will be thoughtful & strategic about supporting our system, early childhood educators, parents, & children. Not one that is betting on its demise. #ChildCareMattersAlberta #ableg
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