Should the OHS video-inspection of #Cargill's safety prior to 500 people becoming infected and one worker dying be released to the public?

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"'They knew there was a problem. Why did they wait until somebody died?' UFCW Local 401 President Thomas Hesse questions why it took so long to close."
Dreeshan's tweet on the matter was quick to earn a ratio. It did not age well.
Notley had already been calling for something to be done.
Ever the faithful warrior for the Premier, Matt Wolf quickly rode in to defend the #UCP... then back-pedalled... then suddenly a response plan---along the lines of what Notley had asked for---was drawn up and released.

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If you're paying attention you'll notice that my thread isn't exactly following dates sequential. I apologize. This pandemic stuff moves very quickly, and I'm just a jar of piss on the internet who makes frequent typos.

Let's move on.
What is The UCP Minister of Agriculture and Forestry doing?

Is he eating five turkeys all by himself?
Dreeshan trying to turn the page. He doesn't want attention for his role in delaying action at #cargill.

Here he is trying to puff up farm labour. (Look at that PPE!)
But I digress.

In the aftermath of this, some people are calling for communication between the #UCP and American multinational food conglomerate, #Cargill be subject to an immediate #FOIP request.

Slight tangent:

Here's Rosemary Barton linking to a story on #Cargill
What happens after? Another attempt to turn the page.

Dreeshan amplifies an attack on @RosieBarton by "True North Centre for Public Policy" which is an organization founded by former Postmedia employees, no better than Rebel Media.

#Ableg #cdbpoli #Cargill
We should not allow this page to be turned!

In the middle of a pandemic, like all other times, worker safety is important. People must be held accountable.
This is already the longest thread I've ever done on twitter. Thanks for following along!

For a less scattered account of all this, again, I recommend reading the  article I posted above
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