1/ Look at any ambitious GOP governor -- and all the one's jockeying either for re-election, Senate, or a 2024 WH run (a la DeSantis, which is the worst-kept secret in Tallahassee) and they're all VASTLY more concerned with Trump than with the health of their states.
2/ The few GOPers like DeWine and Baker are nuts and bolts, get it done, practical, and science-driven. But Kemp is just a perfect peach.

He did what Fox and Trump told him to do and the second Trump decided for whatever random brainfart reason it was too soon...
3/ ...he turned on Kemp -- *if you will* -- like a dog.

Jesus, elected GOPers. After all this time, do you still not GET it?

A. Nothing you do will EVER be enough.

B. You will NEVER get reciprocity for your risk and sacrifice.

C. Everything he tells you is a lie.
4/ D. Your obedience and loyalty breed contempt and malice.

E. Trumpism does not scale.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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