This attempt to intimidate and retaliate against officials who tried to uphold the rule of law against a corrupt president will continue, undoubtedly with dramatically spun findings released shortly before the election for maximum partisan effect by Trump's chief propagandist.
Regarding DOJ rules that counsel against releasing findings shortly before an election, "Barr said he saw no reason for those rules to come into play since no one being investigated is running for office." So... there you have it. The road map for another corrupt abuse of power.
Meanwhile, Senators Johnson and Grassley are running the Benghazi-Uranium-One-Butheremails playbook by pressing forward on wide-ranging investigations to fish for dirt on Trump's political opponent. Expect "findings" to start trickling out in May or June. Bookmark this.
In essence, two of the office holders charged with the solemn duty of considering Trump's fitness for office acquitted him with a wink, then set about finishing the work for which he was impeached. Use of governmental power to retain power is a sinister form of legal corruption.
And, back on the ranch, let's not forget that Barr has opened a back channel for Trump's personal attorney to funnel dirt on the political rival from questionable sources overseas. It's a coordinated attack on our election, and the call is coming from inside the house.
(Sorry, I deleted the last half of this thread and reposted it because I had written "Trump's political appointees" when I meant "political opponent.")
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