Exactly what happend. Arnab was paid to get Modi off the hook.
-Congress too agreed to plan easily coz Hindu Sadhus were being shown victims on media for too long.
-Reduce pressure on Modi to speak
-Avoid investigation of Palghar Xtian conversion & funding https://twitter.com/pras46/status/1253024798432616450
3rd Case: Project #SavingSashi BJP govt lawyers sided with Cong Sashi Tharoor lawyers opposing Dr Swamy involvement in Sunanda case(see vid below). Dr Swamy had to get involved coz Rajnath Singh(D.Police) sat on case for 3 yrs without submitting report. https://twitter.com/TimesNow/status/1015458851678707713
4th Case: National Herald case everyone saw how Jaitley was busy saving Gandhis (even on Video) https://twitter.com/praneelraja/status/1043574357551771648
5th Case: BJP govt lawyers sided with congress to try to get Dr Swamys RamMandir petition dismissed in March 2018.
Bad luck. Because they were unsuccessful.
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