As someone with friends who work for Disney who got furloughed: @abigaildisney is 100% right. The company has the money to keep these people employed and it is offensive that folks are out of work.
I worked for Marvel for 7 years and I’m proud of the work, grateful for the opportunities they gave me and the job has basically opened every career door I’ve ever had. I’m very thankful.

But I heard a zillion times over “the checks are small but at least spider-man is on it”
The idea being “there’s not a ton of money in this industry but you do it for the love.”

But Marvel and Disney have a TON of money. They didn’t pay us little cuz they HAD to, they paid us little cuz they could and it saved money.
The fact that creators and staff who have given their all to these companies (at lower pay rates than they deserved for the value they created) are out of work right now is OFFENSIVE. These people give their all for the brands and the brands owe them better than this.
A former marvel exec once said to me, and I quote, “at Marvel we had a rule: we don’t spend money, we make money.”

I’m trying to think of how furious I’d be if I still worked there and was either furloughed or saw my friends furloughed and know that the company...
...did nothing but make money the last few years but apparently either couldn’t figure out how to save that money or decided it wasn’t going to work that hard for a workforce who goes above and beyond for the company every day.
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