9. Advertising is everywhere in PA now to push mail in ballots.
13. There you have it. PA is now running ads promoting "Historic election reform". Soros #Resistance Summit agenda item being played out now under COVID19.
17. Monroe county PA needs to be added to the Judicial Watch list. Major voter irregularities reported AND MONROE WAS ONE OF THE FIRST COUNTIES LOCKED DOWN TOO. See story in post 16.

Voter registration irregularities reach Monroe county in PA https://www.poconorecord.com/article/20081019/news/810190338
22. It's now May 19, & PA Health Department continues to inflate the Coronavirus numbers. We know this thanks to an honest public servant in Armstrong County.

Armstrong County Coroner's Office Claims Pa. Department Of Health Coronavirus Data Is Incorrect https://cbsloc.al/3cLrJ1w#.XsPUygD7W7I.twitter
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